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Is the Golf GTI going to be discontinued?

Is the Golf GTI going to be discontinued?

The Volkswagen Golf hatchback’s nearly-fifty-year run in the U.S. has come to an end. The good news is that the new eighth-generation Golf GTI and Golf R are still due to arrive later this year as 2022 models.

Which Golf GTI is the most reliable?

How reliable are VW GTIs now? Most of the “modern” MK 7 Volkswagen GTIs are MUCH more reliable – and predictably – more expensive than previous versions.

Is Volkswagen GTI a good car?

Yes, the Volkswagen GTI is a good car. With a spunky turbocharged engine and athletic handling, it’s one of the most fun-to-drive vehicles in the class. Its negatives aren’t too worrisome: Fuel economy is subpar for a compact car, and the infotainment system can be a bit sluggish.

Why is the GTI so good?

It is practical, fast and reliable. It also looks good and is excellent value for money. Yes, you will find cars that are more practical or faster or better than the GTI in some way. But overall, the GTI is the only car on the market that covers all the bases.

Is the Golf GTI comfortable?

Comfort. Given it’s a high-performance hot hatch, the Golf GTI is actually very comfortable, with a firm, but well-damped ride that rarely jars the driver. We’d definitely specify it with adaptive dampers which offer a number of drive modes that allow you to stiffen or soften the suspension to suit your mood.

Why are they discontinuing the GTI?

At the moment, American consumers aren’t interested in small, affordable compact vehicles, choosing to purchase more expensive, tall-riding SUVs. Interestingly, demand does exist for high-performance compact vehicles, which is why VW will continue to offer the GTI and Golf R models.

What year VW GTI is best?

Here Are The Best And Worst Volkswagen Golf GTI Models Over The Years

  • 10 Best: 1983-1984 Rabbit GTI Mk 1.
  • 9 Best: 1985-1992 Golf GTI Mk 2.
  • 8 Best: 2007-2009 Golf GTI Mk 5.
  • 7 Best: 2015-present Golf GTI Mk 7.
  • 6 Best: 2000-2006 Golf GTI Mk 4.
  • 5 Best: 2009-2013 Golf GTI Mk 6.
  • 4 Worst: 1993-1999 Golf GTI Mk 3.

What does VW GTI stand for?

Grand Touring Injection
Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Volkswagen or a new arrival, you may still be asking yourself, “What does GTI stand for?” Well, GTI stands for “Grand Touring Injection,” a shorthand Volkswagen uses for its direct fuel injection system.

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