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Is Wata grading worth it?

Is Wata grading worth it?

In some instances, for very popular old games, the WATA / VGA ratings make a lot of sense just to keep the game protected and verify any rare conditions to it that the market acknowledges, but in a lot of other cases it’s just not worth it.

How does Wata work?

Wata can open the seal, then grade and certify the enclosed contents. Wata can open the seal, then grade and certify the game only if it qualifies as CIB. If it is not CIB, it will be returned unsealed and uncertified, and you will be charged a reject fee.

Can you grade unsealed games?

As mentioned, there is no seal grade. Both companies’ grading scales have their advantages depending on the condition of your game. Overall, the market seems to favor a high-grade box over a high-grade seal, so that’s another piece of info you can use to help determine where to send your game.

Can you open a Wata case?

Wata has worked diligently with a top-level design firm to create the best possible archival game holder money can buy. The locking tabs can be forced open and broken, and the game inside can be removed carefully.

Who is Deniz Kahn?

Deniz Kahn is the founder of Wata Games. Wata Games launched in 2018 as primarily a video game grading and certification company, when video games were “not even on the map.”

Is videogame USA legit?

Negative highlights of ordering from The website does not hold shoppers’ feedback. It is not having any social media existence. The site is unorganized and lacks to provide complete contact information. It is also offering unrealistic discounts.

Does Wata grading ps4 games?

Wata will provide a detailed, printed and digital grading report for any game.

What is a Wata?

WATA. WATA is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format.

Does Wata grading consoles?

We grade way more than just sealed video games, and you can submit a game for grading in almost any condition.

When did Wata start?

Wata was founded in 2017 by 25-year-old Deniz Kahn, who started collecting old video games and noticed the need for a company to grade the cartridges, boxes and seals in the event they were never open. In 2018, Wata was grading a handful of games.

Who founded Wata?

Deniz Kahn
Founded by longtime collector Deniz Kahn and his colleagues, Wata offers services for just about any type of game out there. We spoke with Wata’s founder, Deniz Kahn, about the company and the services that they provide, as well as the future of video game collecting.

What are the games on the Game Boy?

The Game Boy portable system has a library of games, which were released in plastic ROM cartridges. The Game Boy first launched in Japan on April 21, 1989 with Super Mario Land, Alleyway, Baseball and Yakuman.

What do boys like to do in games?

Boys will be boys. Some boys like speed, others adventure, sports, cars, and challenges – and they can do it all in cool games for boys. And some games are said to actually improve kids’ hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Is the Wata games blog up and running?

The Wata Games Blog is now up and running! Check out our new content, including the official and most comprehensive guide available to Black Box Variants! Read the article here! WE. GRADE.

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