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Is Yu Kanda a girl?

Is Yu Kanda a girl?

Appearance. Kanda is a handsome young Japanese man with long black hair (blue hair in the anime) that he ties in a ponytail with bangs hanging over his forehead while there are two medium-length hair strands hanging on either side and dark eyes.

Is Kanda Yuu dead?

Kanda was originally an Accommodator and Exorcist of the Black Order, but he was killed by an Akuma about thirty years before the start of the story.

What episode does Allen get crown clown?

Episode 89 | D. Gray-man Encyclopedia | Fandom.

How old is Yu Kanda?

Despite looking like a 19-year old man, he has in reality lived for only nine years. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai in the Japanese version of the anime, while in the English version he is voiced by Travis Willingham in the first two seasons and Ian Sinclair in all subsequent appearances.

Who voices Allen Walker?

Sanae KobayashiD.Gray-man
Todd HaberkornD.Gray-man 2nd StageAyumu MuraseD.Gray-Man Hallow
Allen Walker/Voiced by

Does Allen Walker get his innocence back?

When the smoke clears, The Earl, Tyki, and Skin are gone, leaving the Exorcists confused. Inside the Ark, the Earl reveals to Tyki that both Allen and his Innocence are still alive.

Who plays Lucy Heartfilia?

Cherami LeighFairy Tail
Aya HiranoFairy Tail
Lucy Heartfilia/Voiced by
Cherami Leigh Kuehn is an American voice actress. She is known for voicing various female leads such as Yuuki Asuna in Sword Art Online and Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail.

Who are Alan Walker’s parents D Gray-Man?

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー,, Aren Wōkā?) is the main protagonist of D. Gray-man. Allen is a former Exorcist and a former member of the European Branch of the Black Order. He is the adoptive son of Mana Walker, and the former apprentice of Cross Marian.

What does Lenalee look like in anime?

Lenalee is a somewhat tall and lithe fair-skinned young woman. She has black hair (dark green in the anime) and black eyes (purple in the anime). Lenalee’s hair has often been described as beautiful and for most of her life she wore it long and in two high pigtails, likely because Komui was quite fond of it.

Is Lenalee Lee related to D Gray Man?

D.Gray-man: The Apostles of God (D-Gray Man only) Lenalee Lee (リナリー・リー,Rinarī Rī) is one of the main characters of D.Gray-Man. She is an Exorcist and member of the European Branch of the Black Order. Lenalee was the assistant Branch Chief of the European Branch. She is also the younger sister of the Black Order’s Chief Officer, Komui Lee.

Why does Lenalee hate the innocence so much?

Having suffered a traumatizing childhood, Lenalee tends to break quickly when confronted by those who were part of her dark past, and she hates some of her superiors and their ideals so fervently she once declared that she hated the Innocence and even God.

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