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Should eyeliner go on top or bottom?

Should eyeliner go on top or bottom?

You can apply eyeliner on both, only the top, or only on the bottom. Applying eyeliner on the top will accentuate your lash line; it’s great for every day, and you can create a fun and flirty wing.

Can you apply eyeliner on your upper waterline?

First thing’s first, you may be wondering if eyeliner is safe for your waterline. The eyes are a sensitive area, so it makes sense that applying eyeliner so close to your eyes could cause irritation. The point is: Yes, eyeliner is safe for your waterline—if you’re using the right product.

Can you wear eyeliner only on the top?

“Keep the liner to the top lid for a more lifted, youthful effect.” If you really, really want to go after your bottom lash line, Stiles recommends using a lighter color there than you’re using on the top. “This will still give you definition, but feels softer and more flattering,” she adds.

Where should you start eyeliner?

With a pencil liner, begin your line a little out from the eyes’ inner corners—where your eyelashes start to get thicker—and draw to the outer corner. Then, create another soft line on the bottom, but starting from the middle of the eye out.

What is floating eyeliner?

Floating eyeliner is a graphic line drawn along the crease of the eye, rather than along the lash line. The floating eyeliner look can also be paired with a classic wing along the lash line to create a parallel graphic liner look perfect for every-day wear or a night on the town.

Should you put eyeliner on your bottom lid?

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner.…

  • Jane Iredale Mystikol Powdered Eyeliner.…
  • Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Beauty Highliner.…
  • Make Up For Ever Artist Color Pencil.…
  • Givenchy Khol Couture Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner.…
  • Tarte Fake Awake Eye Highlight.
  • How to apply eyeliner for beginners?

    Applying the Eyeliner. For beginners, there are two basic ways to apply eyeliner. One way is to start by making dots along the upper lid. After you have made the dots, you simply connect them. The second easiest way is to simply start in the middle of the upper lid and draw the line outward.

    How to apply eyeliner like a pro?

    – Start with a completely bare eye. – On the upper lashes, dot the liquid liner into the spaces between the lashes, wiggling the liner into the lashes. The result is not supposed to be a line. – Apply mascara. – Compare eye to other naked eye.

    How do you apply eyeliner over 60?

    Apply all over the eye area from lash to brow with the eyeshadow applicator. At around 60, say goodbye to mascara and eyeliner on the bottom lashes it nearly always clumps and collects in the

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