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What are examples of accoutrements?

What are examples of accoutrements?

Examples of accoutrements include:

  • webbing (load bearing equipment)
  • body armour.
  • helmets.
  • backpacks.
  • whistles.
  • gas masks.
  • equipment for living in the field such as bedding, portable shelters.
  • rain or foul weather gear.

What does the related English word accoutrements refer to?

Accoutrement and its relative accoutre, a verb meaning “to provide with equipment or furnishings” or “to outfit,” have been appearing in English texts since the 16th century.

What are food accoutrements?

Gee, I am so sick and tired of hearing self-proclaimed food experts using the term “accoutrements” to describe the avocado and cheese with which they are topping their chili. Those are accompaniments! The accoutrements would be your spoon and your bowl!

What is accoutrement in real estate?

things that you have with you when you go somewhere or take part in a particular activity. Synonyms and related words. General words for possessions. real estate. property.

Can accoutrements be used for food?

pieces of equipment that you need for a particular activity There was champagne, large seats, and good food—accoutrements you’d expect in first class.

What are charcuterie accoutrements?

From crunchy wheat crackers to sweet-tangy compote, here are five DIY accoutrements to elevate any cheese plate.

  • Homemade Wheat Crackers. Homemade Wheat Crackers.
  • Pickled Grapes with Walnuts. Pickled Grapes with Walnuts.
  • Dried Apricot and Cherry Mostarda.
  • Toasted Nuts in Honey.
  • Cranberry-Licorice Compote.

What is the opposite of accoutrements?

Opposite of a beneficial, amelioratory or decorative addition or supplement to something. achievement. extending. increasing. plainness.

Can accoutrements be food?

How do you keep fruit fresh on a charcuterie board?

There are three ways to serve fruit on a charcuterie board. You can serve it fresh, dehydrated or in a spread, jam or dip. Fruits that have edible skins are best eaten fresh. Fruits that are overly juicy or can get mushy are best served dehydrated or in a dip, jam or spread. That is the quick answer.

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