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What are NetBackup appliances?

What are NetBackup appliances?

NetBackup Appliances are a complete turnkey integration of NetBackup software with state-of-the-art servers and storage technology to enable fast deployment of ransomware-resilient, enterprise-class data protection. NetBackup Appliances simplify data protection management, reducing operating expenses.

What are Veritas appliances?

Veritas appliances are designed to work together. They can be configured into a single end-to-end solution spanning the remote office to the cloud. NetBackup and the Flex appliances are designed for fast backup and recovery while the Access Appliance is tightly integrated for cost-effective LTR retention.

How do I find my NetBackup appliance model?

To check NetBackup Appliance 5220 version information, enter Main_Menu > Manage > Software then run the command ‘List Version’. This command shows the appliance version, the NetBackup version, and the appliance build date.

What is NetBackup flex appliance?

The Veritas Flex 5150 is a complete, cloud-connected NetBackup data protection solution in a self-contained, compact and easy-to- use appliance. The Flex 5150 expands the NetBackup family of appliances to the edge of the enterprise network and to departmental organizations within the enterprise.

Who owns Veritas NetBackup?

Veritas NetBackup — known as Symantec NetBackup from 2005 to 2016 — is a backup and recovery software suite designed for enterprise users. When security giant Symantec acquired Veritas for $13.5 billion in 2005, the NetBackup product was renamed Symantec NetBackup.

Is Veritas hardware or software?

It specializes in storage management software including the first commercial journaling file system, VxFS, VxVM, VCS, the personal/small office backup software Backup Exec and the enterprise backup software, NetBackup. Veritas Record Now was an early CD recording software….Veritas Technologies.

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How do I check my NetBackup appliance firmware?

The preferred method to determine the firmware versions of the hardware on a PureDisk Appliance is to use the CLISH as the ‘sysadmin’ user. Then type ‘hwmon show firmware’ to get the output with firmware versions.

How do I find my appliance serial number?

Usually, the serial number and appliance model is printed onto a plate or sticker and will consist of letters and numbers. The appliance model and serial number can often be found either: Inside the door on the main body. Hidden in the door seal.

What is NetBackup flex scale?

NetBackup Flex Scale maximizes the power of NetBackup data protection with a containerized, scale-out architecture. Easily scale performance and capacity as data protection demands increase with standard, off-the shelf servers.

What is a flex appliance?

OVERVIEW. The Veritas Flex 5340 is an Information-Defined appliance that delivers a range of solutions on-demand including data protection and tiering to public and private clouds. The Flex appliance simplifies IT by combining multiple on-demand data protection application instances into a single, integrated solution.

How to check NetBackup appliance 5220 version information?

To check NetBackup Appliance 5220 version information, enter Main_Menu > Manage > Software then run the command ‘List Version’. This command shows the appliance version, the NetBackup version, and the appliance build date. In the below example, the appliance is running version 2.0, with NetBackup version and build date July 7th, 2011.

Can NetBackup 5200 and 5300 series be used with other clients?

NetBackup 5200 Series, 5300 Series, and Virtual Appliances can be used with all supported core NetBackup clients (see the “NetBackup 8.0 – 8.x.x Operating System Software Compatibility List” ), application and database agents (see the “NetBackup 8.0 – 8.x.x Database and Application Agent Compatibility List” ), and Snapshot client configurations.

What versions of NetBackup are compatible with my media server?

For compatibility between major versions, the latest available release of NetBackup is compatible with media servers and clients that run a release of NetBackup that is up to one major version behind. However, this compatibility ceases to be supported in any configuration once the previous major version has reached its End of Support Life.

What is the NetBackup shared storage option (SSO) hardware support model?

The NetBackup Shared Storage Option (SSO) hardware support model for Storage Area Network (SAN) components is an open model. In other words, all Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) converged network adapters (CNA), Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapters (HBA), switches, bridges, and routers are supported in a SAN environment.

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