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What are some words for inference?

What are some words for inference?

Synonyms of inference

  • conclusion,
  • consequence,
  • deduction,
  • determination,
  • eduction,
  • induction,
  • sequitur.

What are the words related to construction?


  • development.
  • manufacture.
  • plan.
  • planning.
  • structure.
  • system.
  • architecture.
  • arrangement.

What are some related words for civil?

Some common synonyms of civil are chivalrous, courteous, gallant, and polite.

What is another word for construction work?

What is another word for construction work?

road repairs contraflow
roadwork carriageway repairs
maintenance work repair work

What is a good sentence for inference?

Inference sentence example. Skylar made an inference about what was in the wrapped box under the Christmas tree after picking it up to feel the weight. This argument from a pure assumption is a confusion of sense and inference .

What is another word for construction drawings?

construction drawing; working drawing; detail drawing.

What is a construction word?

The creation or building of something is construction. The word construction has its roots in the Latin word construere, which itself has roots in com-, meaning “together,” and struere meaning “to pile up.” In addition to the building of property, the noun construction also refers to the building trade itself.

What’s another word for civil society?

What is another word for civil society?

civilizationUS society
human society land of the living

What is the prefix for civil?

Answer: The prefix for civil is uncivil.

How do you write a project inference?

How to Make an Inference in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Step 1: Identify an Inference Question.
  2. Step 2: Trust the Passage.
  3. Step 3: Hunt for Clues.
  4. Step 4: Narrow Down the Choices.
  5. Step 5: Practice.

What is civil construction?

Civil construction is the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings. Civil engineering is the oldest disciplines of engineering. Since the very beginning of the human existence, it has been the aspect of life.

What is the common abbreviation used in civil engineering?

The common abbreviation used in civil engineering are as follows: American Association of State Highway Transport Anchor Bolt Or Asbestos Board

What are the different types of civil engineering degrees?

This problem can be related to construction projects that civil engineers have to handle on every day basis. There are Associate Degree, Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree available in Civil Engineering.

Why classify large projects into civil construction stages?

Classifying large projects into civil construction stages has always been anticipated whether it is for independent or conjunction construction. To escalate the progress of the civil construction, every stage of the process is taken as individual contracts. All of the contracts are continued in special patterns and schedules.

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