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What are Spotnails used for?

What are Spotnails used for?

Spotnails produces construction staplers, fine wire and upholstery staplers, corrugated tools, fasteners and more. Stinger cap tools deliver quick speed and precise fastener placement, making them ideal for housewrap and roof felt installation.

Who makes Spotnails?

All carry OEM factory warranties backed and serviced in the U.S. Spotnails is a premier brand sold and serviced by Salco, your Staple Headquarters®.

What are spot nails?

Spot Nails is the top manufacturer of interchange tools and fasteners with a large selection in most every collated category. Their products are manufacture red to the highest quality standards for the professional contractor.

What is the biggest nail for a nail gun?

The shortest nails you can use with a framing nailer are about 2 3/8″, and the longest nails for a finishing nailer are about 2″.

What is the shortest 18 gauge brad nail?

1/2 in
18-Gauge Brad Nails.

Can you use 18 gauge nails for framing?

Common nails are made with a heavier-gauge wire, typically about 5/32” thick. They’re generally used in house framing, where strength is important. Box nails have thinner-gauge shanks—about 1/16” which are best for fastening nonstructural things like trim, shingles, and siding….Choosing the Right Nail for the Job.

Gauge Common
16 0.06
18 0.05
23 0.03

Can you use 16 gauge nails for framing?

Though you can drive your 16d nails by hand, framing nailers speed up the job and is the way to go for wood framing in buildings and heavy construction. As you’d expect, a 16d nail gun shoots up to 3½-inches nails to fasten 2x4s and there are tons of models to choose from out there.

What is the difference between a 16 gauge and 18 gauge brad nailer?

Brad nails (often just called brads), are 18 gauge, which is 0.0475 of an inch. By comparison, a 16-gauge finish nail is 0.0625-inch thick. While the difference doesn’t seem like very much, the shorter length is a good indicator that a brad nail won’t hold material of the same maximum thickness as finish nails.

Can I use 16 gauge nails for framing?

Can you use 16 gauge nails for framing? Short answer: yes! Refer to the previous paragraphs for a deeper explanation of why 16d nails are the best choice for framing projects.

What size nail do I use for shiplap?

Use standard or painted trim nails (15 or 16 gauge). Fastener length should be long enough for 1 1/4″-1 1/2″ of penetration into solid wood. Nail through the top flange.

Can you use 15 gauge nails for framing?

15-degree nail guns can hold a large number of full-round-head nails, which are ideal for floor joists, wall studs and other framing jobs. Full-round-head nails are often required for framing by building codes. 15-degree nail guns can be heavy, making overhead work difficult.

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