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What are the duties of a head cashier?

What are the duties of a head cashier?

What Do Head Cashiers Do?Provide customer service, ring up items at the cash register, and handle customer payments.Help train new employees how to use the register and the correct procedures to follow.Perform duties such as accessing the cash safe to balance register drawers and voiding mistakes in ringing up items.

Is cashier a bad job?

It is one of the most boring and easy jobs, but at the same time, it is the most painfully annoying and difficult job. Obviously, cashiering part time is meant for teenagers trying to make some extra money, or retired folks looking for something to do and a way to give back, but it can be exhausting.

What being a cashier taught me?

Being a better associate. Thirdly, being a cashier teaches you to be a better associate overall. Due to developing several skills such as interpersonal skills and working under pressure, people end up handling situations at work in much better ways than if they hadn’t learned those skills.

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