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What are the problems of rural marketing in India?

What are the problems of rural marketing in India?

Problems in Rural Marketing in India– Main Problems: Lack of Proper Communication, Low Literacy Level, Distribution Problems, Seasonal Demand and a Few Others. 9. Low per capita income, 10.

What is the significance and problems of rural marketing?

Rural marketing is getting new heights in addition to rural advertising. Rural marketing gives challenge to ensure availability of product or service in India’s 6, 27000 villages spread over 3.2 million square kilometers. Marketers have to locate over 700 million rural Indian and finding them in not easy.

What are the opportunities and challenges in Indian rural marketing?

Due to green revolution, the rural areas are consuming a large quantity of industrial and manufactured products. In this way rural market offers opportunities in the form of large untapped market, increase in disposable income, increase in literacy level and large scope for penetration.

Which are the major factors which affect rural marketing?

Urban influence.

  • Government initiatives: The initiatives taken by the Government of India to promote rural markets are as follows:
  • Rising literacy levels:
  • Infrastructural facilities:
  • New employment opportunities:
  • Rising mass media:
  • Agricultural research:
  • Marketing efforts:
  • Urban influence:

What are the problems of marketing rural products?

Rural markets typically signify complex logistical challenges that directly translate into high distribution costs. Bad roads, inadequate warehousing and lack of good distributors pose as major problems to the marketers.

What are problems and constraints in rural marketing?

Backwardness: More than 30 per cent of the rural masses live below the poverty line. Poverty confines them to spend even for basic necessities. Backwardness also affects their mentality to change. Their poor purchasing power and rigidity are main constraints for marketers to serve them.

What are the problems in rural marketing?

What challenges FMCG companies are facing in rural market?

There are many other challenges that FMCGs companies face in tackling rural markets, viz., geographically scattered nature of rural markets, their small size, remoteness, poor connectivity and tremendous heterogeneity.

What are the issues of rural development in India and why?

The major problems that have been identified by literature review in many rural areas are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, homelessness, crime, social evils, lower living standards, lack of facilities, services, and health.

What are the challenges of marketing in India?

10 Common Marketing Challenges

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  • Retrieving Data Across Platforms.
  • Recognizing Customers Across Channels.
  • Mapping the Customer Journey.
  • Recognizing New-fangled Potential Customers.
  • Upholding a dependable Customer Experience.
  • Tracking Performance Metrics Accurately.
  • Maintaining Privacy.

What problems are faced by companies in rural market Mcq?

Some common problems in rural markets are: Scattered Markets. Physical distribution. Channel Management. Sales force management.

What are the limitation of rural marketing in India?

Rural marketing has several limitations compared to urban space. We can sum it up as 4As:-Affordability, Availability, Awareness and Acceptability. Higher transportation cost. Limited disposable income.

What are the problems faced by rural market in India?

The problem arise basically out of the peculiar dynamics of the rural market of India the uniqueness of the rural consumer, the uniqueness of the structure of the rural market, and the peculiarities of the distributional infrastructure in the rural areas. These are special to the rural market; and these require unique handling.

Why is the rural market attractive to the corporate sector?

Rural market have attracted attention of corporate sector in recent years because of its promising growth in every area including per capita income and lifestyle. Education in rural is growing rapidly and so is the thinking of rural person. But rural market have some problems which are described in following part:

What are the problems faced by Rule consumers in India?

In India, there are 18 recognised languages. All these languages and many dialects are spoken in rural, areas. English and Hindi are not understood by many people. Due to these problems, rule consumers, unlike urban consumers, do not have exposure to new products.

What is the difference between urban and rural market?

Whereas the urban market is highly competitive, the rural market is relatively quiet. In fact for certain products, it is totally virgin market. The market pioneers can certainly reap rich rewards from the market. Simultaneously, the market also poses several problems and hurdles.

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