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What are two differences between media flow around and media flow through on Cisco Unified Border Element?

What are two differences between media flow around and media flow through on Cisco Unified Border Element?

With flow around, SIP is more complex, flow around causes re-invites for instance to signal the phone’s IP address. Whereas, flow through does not require this.

Which codec is better G711 and G729?

The different codecs offer different levels of compression. G711 provides an uncompressed high quality voice, but uses a lot of bandwidth. G729 is compressed so that it uses less bandwidth at the cost of some sound quality, though it is still more than good enough for most calls.

What is Cube in network?

Cube Networks are experts in Digital Infrastructure with strong foundations in Networks and Security, who pride ourselves on simplified solutions for complex, large-scale enterprise environments. We are an IT engineering company who consistently deliver tailored services that maximize our customers’ IT investment.

What are codecs in VoIP?

A VoIP codec is a technology that determines the audio quality, bandwidth, and compression of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls. VoIP codecs use either proprietary or open-source algorithms. Codecs are the reason why you can download a movie in minutes, not hours.

What replaces the Cisco SX80?

Now, Cisco have announced the WebEx Room Kit Pro, a new powerful integrator codec to replace the SX80, keeping in line with Cisco’s newest generation of technology and portfolio of WebEx Room solutions (previously Spark), providing a huge expansion on what’s can be created by integrators and for businesses around the …

What is Media Flow around?

Media flow-around terminates the signaling stream and allows RTP streams to flow directly between endpoints. F. Media flow-through provides address hiding by terminating both signaling and RTP streams. Media flow through and media flow around mode is supported on the Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE).

How much bandwidth does G729 call use?

G. 729 codecs use about 24-30Kbps. If you are willing to sacrifice call quality, your provider may use a codec called G. 723.1.

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