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What are your career option?

What are your career option?

Top 10 Career ChoicesEngineeringMedicalCommerceElectronics & Telecom EngineeringPharmacyEconomicsMass CommunicationManagementArtsJournalismHuman Resource ManagementJournalismPublic RelationsAccounting ManagementLawyer17

How do I know if I am performing well?

Here are six key signs you’re still an awesome employee—even if your boss doesn’t say so as often.You’re Receiving More Feedback. You’re the Go-To Resource for Questions. You’re Asked for Your Opinions. You’re the One Your Boss Depends on. You’re in Charge of Your Own Work. You’re Asked to Represent Your Company.

How do you know if you are doing a good job?

6 Signs You’re Doing a Great Job (Even Though Your Boss Doesn’t Say It)Your projects are talked about. You’ve been receiving more tasks. You receive constructive criticism. You are praised, though rarely. You communicate often, and with good feedback. You maintain a positive energy.

How do I know if I’m doing well at work?

The following are five ways to tell if you are doing well at your new job:You Have Greater Ownership Over Your Work. You Are Being Given More Responsibility. Your Colleagues Rely on Your Opinion/Expertise. You’re Asked to Represent Your Company. Your Boss Is Starting to Lean on You More.

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