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What band has the best horn section?

What band has the best horn section?

That’s according to our latest poll of over 250 music fans, when we asked them to pick their favorite from a list of 10 great horn bands. Tower of Power was the runaway winner, with more than 50% of the votes.

What is the horn section in a band?

A horn section is a group of musicians playing horns. In an orchestra or concert band, it refers to the musicians who play the “French” horn, and in a British-style brass band it is the tenor horn players.

Who wrote Tower of Power songs?

Emilio Castillo, who co-wrote the tune with Stephen Kupka, told Songfacts that the song was based on a true story about him and a former girlfriend who was six years his senior.

What bands use trumpets?

Some bands, like the Beatles (British trumpeter David Mason was the piccolo trumpet soloist on “Penny Lane”), worked with trumpeters from time to time, while other bands, like Earth, Wind and Fire, always had trumpets.

How many members of Tower of Power are still alive?


Name Years active
David Garibaldi 1968–1974 1975–1976 1979–1980 1998–present
Roger Smith 1998–present
Adolfo Acosta 2000–present
Tom E. Politzer 2002–present

What kind of valve does a horn use?

rotary valves
Most horns have lever-operated rotary valves, but some, especially older horns, use piston valves (similar to a trumpet’s) and the Vienna horn uses double-piston valves, or pumpenvalves.

Who died from Tower of Power?

Francis “Rocco” Prestia
Francis “Rocco” Prestia, who performed with East Bay funk band Tower of Power for more than 30 years, died Sept. 30. He was 69 and was at a hospice center in Las Vegas. Prestia had many health problems, and received a kidney transplant in 2014.

Is there a listing of Tower of power recordings?

This extensive listing was created by Jack Silva, a longtime fan and friend of Tower of Power from the Boston area. Compiled over many years, his listing includes all recordings of Emilio “Mimi” Castillo and Stephen “Doc” Kupka over the past 50+ years.

What kind of music does Tower of power play?

Since 1970, although Tower’s music has changed and evolved with time, their musical roots and early influences are always evident in their recordings. Blending of soul, funk, jazz, and rock like no other band, Tower of Power has created their own unique genre, not easily fitting into traditionally defined categories.

What was the first tower of power album?

By 1970, the now renamed Tower of Power—now including trumpet /arranger Greg Adams, first trumpet Mic Gillette, first saxophone Skip Mesquite, Francis “Rocco” Prestia on bass, Willie Fulton on guitar, and drummer David Garibaldi—signed a recording contract with Bill Graham’s San Francisco Records and released their first album, East Bay Grease.

What is Tower of power?

American funk/soul group from Oakland, California active since 1968. See also the Tower Of Power Horn Section.

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