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What colour goes with Stonington GREY?

What colour goes with Stonington GREY?

Stonington Gray is a cool gray with a stormy blue-purple undertone. This means it’s not a bright, fresh gray but rather one that offers good contrast with white trim or even black accents.

Is Gray Owl lighter than Stonington Gray?

The LRV of Gray Owl vs Stonington Gray At 65, Gray Owl is undoubtedly a lighter colour and will reflect decent light back into your room. LRV isn’t an exact art, but I would say that Gray Owl is about one tone lighter than Stonington Gray. If you have a dark room, you MIGHT prefer the lighter approach of Gray Owl.

What color is Benjamin Moore HC-170?

Stonington Gray
Stonington Gray HC-170 | Benjamin Moore.

Is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray warm or cool?

Stonington Gray Is A Classic With Cool Undertones Stonington Gray is a cool, neutral gray with a slight blue undertone. It’s light enough to use as an overall wall color, and offers good contrast against white trim or black accents.

What Off white goes with Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray goes really well with other muted, cool colors. For example, Stonington Gray is shown here with Horizon – a grayish off-white, Boothbay Gray – a gray with significant blue/green undertones, and Amherst Gray – a darker gray paint color.

What is one shade lighter than Stonington?

The difference between Stonington Gray & Wickham Gray Wickham Gray is kind of like a lighter Stonington Gray. It has similar undertone tendencies, but they can sometimes come up a bit more in Wickham. Wickham Gray has an LRV of 69, so it’s considerably lighter than Stonington, but still in the light range.

Is Stonington Gray?

STONINGTON GRAY VS REVERE PEWTER Revere Pewter is a warm gray or greige paint color. Stonington is a cool gray paint color. In certain lighting, Revere Pewter can show hints of green in its undertone, whereas with SG you may see undertones of blue.

What color is darker than Stonington Gray?

Coventry Gray is decidedly darker than Stonington Gray. Not only does it have a lower LRV, it also has a lot more depth than Stonington Gray. In some ways, Coventry Gray is sort of like a darker version of Stonington Gray. Both Coventry Gray and Stonington Gray have blue and blue green undertones.

What are the undertones of Stonington gray?

Stonington Gray has blue undertones and slight purple in some light. It is mostly a neutral gray unless paired with cool-toned whites and bright natural light. Then it tends to pull a little on the blue side. Is Stonington Gray warm or cool-toned? Gray paint colors are considered warm-toned when their undertones pull towards beige or even green.

What color is Stonington gray hc-170?

Stonington Gray HC-170 is one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular neutral paint colors. this gray paint color is elegant and refined. It’s a soft gray paint color that brings elegance to any room it is in. Welcome, welcome friends!! Today is a good day. Why you ask? Because we are going to be chatting about another super fabulous paint color.

Which is better Stonington gray or gray owl?

They are both considered cool toned but Gray Owl has been known to pull warm in rooms that have little natural light. Gray Owl has an LRV of 65 which makes it a much lighter color than Stonington Gray. How to know which paint color is right for you.

Is Stonington Gray a Benjamin Moore color?

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is a medium-toned gray color that is among one of Benjamin Moore’s most popular gray paint colors. Today we will explore why. Stonington Gray is part of the Historic Color Collection which comprises the more popular colors available from Benjamin Moore.

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