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What do lemon damselfish eat?

What do lemon damselfish eat?

The diet consists mostly of algae, but planktonic invertebrates are also eaten. This fish forms pairs during the breeding season, the female laying her eggs on the substrate and the male guarding them and fanning them to keep them well-aerated.

Are Lemon Damsels reef safe?

This hardy, mild-mannered Damselfish is a great candidate for nearly any reef aquarium. Lacking most of the obnoxious personality of other Damsel species, these fish get along with others in a variety of aquatic settings.

Are lemon damsels aggressive?

These fish enjoy having their own territory and can be very aggressive towards most approaching fishes. This species can live with many of its own kind, when provided with enough space. will also do well if they can find other hiding places.

Will damsels eat coral?

Corals get help from parrot fish, which eat the intruding algae from the reef. And algae get help from certain species of damselfish. “And in order to make a place for one of these yards, they basically kill the coral,” Vermeij says. “So they go to the coral, they start sucking on little polyps until they die.

How big do lemon damsels get?

They are generally best kept singly in tanks of at least 20 gallons with plenty of live rock. The Lemon Damsel’s diet includes a mixture of live, frozen, and flake foods….Care Facts.

Care Level: Easy
Diet: Omnivore
Reef Safe: Yes
Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Max Size: 3 inches

Do damsels eat brine shrimp?

The Blue Damselfish is an omnivore, so their diet should be made up of live and frozen meat including brine shrimp, worms, squid, shrimp, copepods, and small pieces of fish. They will also eat flaked foods and some herbivore preparations.

Is a yellow tail damsel reef safe?

The Yellowtail Blue Damselfish can be happily kept in a reef setting as well as in a fish only peaceful community tank. They typically only grow to 2 3/4 inches, so the minimum tank size is 20 gallons for one, or for a mated pair.

Can you mix damselfish?

As a general rule, you shouldn’t try to keep different species of Damsels together in the same aquarium. You should keep to one species of Damsel per aquarium. If you’ve got a small aquarium it’s also generally a bad idea to mix other species with Damsels. You should only do this in larger aquariums.

Do damsels and clownfish get along?

Once they establish territories and live with each other long enough, they should be fine. Although there’s always an exception. It’s possible the pairs would get along right from the get-go.

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