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What do they mine at Iluka?

What do they mine at Iluka?

Iluka is the largest producer of zircon and titanium dioxide-derived rutile and synthetic rutile globally. Iluka mines heavy mineral sands and separates the concentrate into its individual mineral constituents rutile, ilmenite, and zircon.

Who owns Iluka Resources?

Our history Iluka Resources Ltd was formed through the merger of RGC Ltd and Westralian Sands Ltd in 1998, with the name Iluka adopted in 1999. The company’s historical operations have been centred in the south west of Western Australia, with mining at Yoganup and Capel, as well as other deposits.

What do they mine in eneabba?

Monazite & rare earths The monazite produced from Iluka’s Eneabba operation contains high value rare earth elements. Over 80% of the value of the rare earth oxides at Eneabba are derived from neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium and terbium.

What does Iluka resources do?

Iluka is an international mineral sands company with expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation.

Where is rutile found in Australia?

Rutile and ilmenite are found in mineral sand deposits associated with modern and ancient beaches and dunes on the east, west and southern coastlines of Australia. Mineral sands deposits occur along the coast of eastern Australia from central New South Wales to Cape York in Queensland.

What is sand deposit?

Mineral sand deposits contain a concentrated amount of economically important minerals known as ‘heavy minerals’, which are much heavier than common sand minerals such as quartz. Mineral sands deposits typically comprise the following minerals of economic interest: zircon.

What is mined at Cataby?

Cataby mine is a large ilmenite deposit, with associated zircon and rutile. The mine produces two streams; an ilmenite rich concentrate for cleaning and upgrading to synthetic rutile at Capel, and a zircon/rutile rich concentrate for separation at Narngulu.

What Colour is ilmenite?


The Properties of Ilmenite
Chemical Symbol FeTiO3
Colour Black/grey
Hardness 5-6
Relative density 4.7-4.8 g/cm3

Is sand mining illegal?

Sand mining is regulated by law in many places, but is often done illegally. Globally, it is a $70 billion industry, with sand selling at up to $90 per cubic yard.

What is the status of the Iluka underground mining project?

Iluka completed the third trial (T3) of the underground mining method in late 2020. The trial confirmed the effectiveness of the underground mining method and validated key elements of the mining unit design. The project Definitive Feasibility Study is currently in progress.

Who is Iluka Resources?

Iluka Resources (Iluka) is an international mineral sands company with expertise in exploration, development, mining, processing, marketing and rehabilitation. With over 60 years’ of industry experience, Iluka is a leading global producer of zircon and the high grade titanium dioxide feedstocks rutile and synthetic rutile.

Where will Iluka’s refinery and waste disposal facilities be located?

The proposed refinery and waste disposal facilities will be located within the current eastern Eneabba mine site, adjacent to the Eneabba mine pit, approximately 7km south of the town of Eneabba. Where will Iluka’s workforce be accommodated?

What is Iluka doing at Eneabba?

In January 2021, Iluka commenced a feasibility study for Phase 3, the development of a fully integrated rare earths refinery at Eneabba. Located at the current Eneabba mineral sands mine site, the plant would use the monazite feedstock from Eneabba Phase 2, along with other sources of rare earth mineral concentrate, as feed material.

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