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What do you build on Vayne?

What do you build on Vayne?

Vayne Build Breadown

  • Blade of the Ruined King.
  • Solari Chargeable.
  • Wit’s End.
  • Infinity Edge.
  • Phantom Dancer.
  • Gluttonous Greaves – Quicksilver.

What should I ban as Vayne?

These are the Best Matchups and should avoid being picked if you are trying to counter pick.

  • C. Ziggs. The Hexplosives Expert.
  • Sivir. The Battle Mistress.
  • Jhin. The Virtuoso.

Is Vayne good to climb with?

Is Vayne Good to Climb With? Vayne currently boasts a 52% win rate in the bottom lane, tied at the top spot with Miss Fortune and Ziggs. Vayne doesn’t really care how much armor you stack, thanks to her W – Silver Bolts, which does true damage equal to a certain percentage of the target’s max health.

How do I deal with Vayne late game?

End the game as quickly as you can One reason why she is so strong in the late game is that her W deals max health true damage. This means she will shred targets in late game team fights. Not even tanks are safe against her and she’ll be able to kill them with ease if she can proc her Silver Bolts.

Who counters Vayne support?

Leona is a champion with the most crowd control abilities in the game, and this is just perfect for locking Vayne down in one position so your ADC can simply kill her. Leona can also play either offensively or defensively during early or late games.

Is Vayne a lane bully?

Vayne’s kit also sports a lot of tools to use to create and close gaps. With relatively low cooldowns, excellent base and bonus attack damage, and borderline insane True Damage, Vayne is one of the strongest Bullies and Champions overall in the game, especially in the Top Lane role.

What is the best lane for NAMI Vayne?

Nami Vayne is a great combo in the bot lane. The added movespeed Nami gives you and the extra sustain for lane allows you to survive and out scale your opponent. Also at level 6 with Nami you can look for some kills in the lane as well.

Is Vayne a good AD Carry?

Vayne is a great AD carry, but she should not be picked every single time, she is NOT a safe pick, practice her enough and you will be able to stalemate most lanes, even hard counters, and win most others. As Bebe showed in Worlds, if vayne is played well ( His build is just…no…), she can and will dominate lesser skilled opponents.

What is the best build for Vayne?

This build is quite standard for Vayne. Build 1 to 2 Doran’s Blade, build 3 if you are losing very hard. I do not like Wriggle’s Lantern because you will have to sell it back losing a lot more gold, and it does not provide HP, armor helps slightly, but a lot of burst is MR, Corki, Ezreal, so I prefer the HP from Dorans.

Is Vayne a good champion?

She is a great champion, but is constantly characterized as having a “weak” earlygame, a great vayne player can transform her early game into dominance, Vayne punishes opponents who makes mistakes harder than any other, while at the same time punishing the player just as hard for their mistakes.

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