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What does Adriano Celentano stand for?

What does Adriano Celentano stand for?

Adriano Celentano ( Italian: [adriˈaːno tʃelenˈtaːno]; born 6 January 1938) is an Italian singer, songwriter, musician, actor and filmmaker. He is dubbed ” il Molleggiato ” (the flexible one) because of his dancing.

Who is Celentano’s wife?

Celentano has released many record albums which have enjoyed enormous commercial and critical success. He is often credited as the author of both the music and lyrics of his songs, although, according to his wife Claudia Mori, sometimes they were written in collaboration with others.

What is the history of Clan Celentano?

In 1962, Celentano founded the Italian record label Clan Celentano (which is still active) with many performers such as Don Backy, Ola & the Janglers, Ricky Gianco, Katty Line, Gino Santercole, Fred Bongusto and his wife Claudia Mori.

Who is Giuseppe Celentano?

Celentano has been a vegetarian since 2005 and is a strenuous defender of animal rights. A football fan, Celentano is a well-known Inter Milan supporter. 1973: La storia di uno…

Is Celentano a vegetarian?

In addition, Celentano is an ardent vegetarian and frequently defends animal rights – with one exception. He does not hold mosquitoes in very high regard. Stylised for its 1972 single release as “PRİSENCÓLİNENSİNÁİNCIÚSOL”, Celentano’s fake English song has reemerged throughout the decades under various guises.

Is Adriano Celentano’s “Prisencolinensinainciusol” making a comeback?

Described as the “auditory equivalent of a Rorschach painting”, Adriano Celentano’s fake English song “Prisencolinensinainciusol” is making a comeback. What does it mean? Reddit has a habit of dredging up magic from the past. The re-emergence of Adriano Celentano’s bizarre fake English composition “Prisencolinensinainciusol” is a perfect example.

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