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What does AEC DEP mean?

What does AEC DEP mean?

AEC is the acronym for “attestation of college studies” in French. AEC’s are generally more flexible that DEC or DEP programs. Often offered during the evening , flexible class times allow students to maintain their professional endeavours and study at the same time.

What is AEC DEP Ontario?

Attestation of College Studies (AEC): a post-secondary diploma in one year. Adult-only programs that lead to Attestation of Collegial Studies (AEC) focus on methodology and knowledge related to learning a technique from a specific sector of the labor market (often a profession).

What is the difference between an AEC and a DEC?

There are two types of college diplomas: a two-year pre-university diploma or a three-year vocational training diploma. The professional diploma equivalent to the DEC is the Attestation of College Studies (AEC; Attestation d’études collégiales), whereas the DEC is for non-trade studies.

What is DEP degree?

What is a DEP? DEP is the acronym for “Diploma of Vocational Studies” in French. A DEP program can last anywhere from 600 to 1800 hours and prepares students to train in a profession to directly enter the job market.

What is a DEP education?

Directors Education Program (DEP) The Directors Education Program (DEP), jointly developed by the Institute of Corporate Directors and the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, is offered nationally at Canada’s top business schools. DEP, Directors Education Program, ICD Directors Program.

What is a college diploma called in Ontario?

The Ontario College Advanced Diploma (OCAD) is a post-secondary educational undergraduate three-year diploma, granted by colleges of applied arts and technology within Ontario, Canada.

Can you go to university with AEC?

Can I go to university after completing an AEC? Yes, but there are certain criteria you must meet. You must be 21 years of age or older, and you might be required to take prerequisite classes depending on the program you are interested in applying for.

Is DEP a diploma?

The Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP) is a secondary school diploma.

What is DEP certificate?

What is DCS certificate?

DVS stands for Diploma of Vocational Studies. DCS stands for Diploma of College Studies.

What does DCS DEC mean in education?

Definition: Diplôme d’études collégiales (DEC) in French. An academic credential issued by the Quebec government for training acquired in pre-university programs and technical programs.

Is Humber College accredited?

Humber College’s CIM program has been professionally accredited by the National Committee for Management Accreditation (NCMA). This professional accreditation speaks to the position of Humber College as a leader in the field of business and management education.

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