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What does an Aprilaire humidifier do?

What does an Aprilaire humidifier do?

AprilAire whole-house humidifiers add moisture to the air, creating healthy environments where dust and dust mites, viruses, and other asthma and allergy triggers are less likely to thrive. Maintain the perfect balance of moisture in your home this winter, which exists between 40% and 60% relative humidity.

How much is a Aprilaire humidifier?


Model # & Type Price* Gallons Per Day
500 Bypass $125 – $175 12
600 Bypass $130 – $200 16.8
400 Large Capacity $250 – $350 18
800 Steam $700 – $1,000 11.5-34.6

Is aprilaire a humidifier or dehumidifier?

Additionally, proper humidity levels protect your home’s wood furnishings from cracking or splitting while lowering your energy bill. No matter what type of heating system you have, AprilAire has a whole-home humidifier designed to deliver optimal humidity.

How good is aprilaire?

Consumers looking for a dehumidifier know that Aprilaire is a brand you can trust. For over half a century, they’ve have manufactured air quality products and have a small but excellent line of humidifiers as well.

What is the difference between aprilaire 700 and 700M?

What is the difference between the 700M and 700 models? The new 700 model includes a new # 62 automatic digital control. The 700M includes the manual control.

What should my AprilAire humidifier be set at in winter?

What is the proper relative humidity to have in my home during the winter? Aprilaire like any other humidifier manufacturer designs our humidifiers to maintain an indoor relative humidity of 35% at an indoor temperature of 70F, anytime the outdoor temperature is 20F or above.

What should I set my Aprilaire humidifier to in the winter?

How do I fix a leaking Aprilaire humidifier?

60 second suggested clip0:002:18Aprilaire 700 Humidifier Leaking – Replace Water Pad – YouTubeYouTube

How much does it cost to install AprilAire?

The normal range for the installation is between $350 and $700. The highest reported cost is $1,000. The type of Aprilaire humidifier will influence the total cost of the installation.

What should I set my AprilAire humidifier to in the winter?

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