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What does degrading someone mean?

What does degrading someone mean?

: to treat (someone or something) poorly and without respect. : to make the quality of (something) worse. : to cause (something complex) to break down into simple substances or parts.

What is degradation Wikipedia?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In geology, degradation refers to the lowering of a fluvial surface, such as a stream bed or floodplain, through erosional processes. Degradation is the opposite of aggradation.

What is the process of degradation?

Degradation is the process by which a chemical substance is broken down to smaller molecules by biotic means (biodegradability) or abiotic means (hydrolysis, photolysis or oxidisation). Half-lives (DT50) are used as measures of the stability and persistence of a chemical substance in the environment.

What is an example of degrading?

The definition of degrading is something that causes damage, humiliation or a loss of respect. When someone puts you down all the time and causes you to feel humiliated and disrespected, this is an example of degrading treatment. Present participle of degrade.

What does it mean to degrade a woman?

The word can also mean to disrespect or insult: thoughtless comments can degrade a person. If you whistle at a passing woman, you’re being disrespectful — your behavior degrades women. Degrade is often used to mean to insult someone because of their gender or race. Degrade also means to break down.

What is degradation and Aggradation?

Aggradation refers to an increase in elevation of land usually in river system due to deposition of sediments. Degradation occurs due to erosional activities of mainly wind and water. It refers to the lowering of a landform through erosional process.

What is the nearest meaning of degrade?

1 disgrace, dishonor, discredit. 2 abase, vitiate. 3 demote, depose, downgrade, lower, cashier, break.

What is the cause of degradation?

The major causes of the environmental degradation are modern urbanization, industrialization, over-population growth, deforestation etc. Environmental pollution refers to the degradation of quality and quantity of natural resources.

What are some degrading names?


  • stupid. noun. offensive an insulting name for someone who you think is being stupid.
  • jerk. noun. offensive someone who does stupid, annoying, or unkind things.
  • dunce. noun.
  • dipstick. noun.
  • dork. noun.
  • bonehead. noun.
  • dingbat. noun.
  • jackass. noun.

What does the name degrading mean?

To reduce in estimation, character, or reputation; to lessen the value of; to lower the physical, moral, or intellectual character of; to debase; to bring shame or contempt upon; to disgrace; as, vice degrades a man.”O miserable mankind, to what fall Degraded, to what wretched state reserved!” [ Milton. ]”Yet time ennobles or degrades each line.”

What does it mean to degrade someone?

He can remain clothed but keep you naked.

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  • I used to like to let the girl get naked while I was seated and turn around in front of me as I probed her body,make her spread her
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  • Urinate on you.
  • What does the word degrade mean?

    Sustainable development is an organizing principle for meeting human development goals while simultaneously sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society depend. The desired result is a state of society where living conditions and resources are used to continue

    What does degrading means?

    Degrading describes something that is disrespectful or dishonorable like a degrading comment that angered everyone who heard it. The word degrading comes from degrade, which means “to treat someone with contempt.” So something that is degrading is cruel, meant to put a person or group down. What are some backhanded compliments?

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