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What does discourse community mean?

What does discourse community mean?

Collection of people or groups that work towards a common goal through communication. “A ‘discourse community’ is a group of individuals bound by a common interest who communicate through approved channels and whose discourse is regulated” (Porter 1986, 38–39).

What is an example of discourse?

The definition of discourse is a discussion about a topic either in writing or face to face. An example of discourse is a professor meeting with a student to discuss a book. An example of discourse is two politicians talking about current events.

What is a discourse community essay?

Discourse Community Essay: The term discourse can be defined as the identification and discussion of written and spoken communication. These groups have particular goals or purposes about which the discussions are made, and members of these groups use communication as a tool to achieve these goals.

Is Christianity a discourse community?

According to the criteria conveyed in “The Concept of Discourse Community” by John Swales, Christianity can be considered as a discourse community because of its common goals, medium of communication, participatory mechanisms, specific genres, and its threshold level of members.

How is a discourse community different from other groups?

Reference Source Definition: Discourse Community However, it is often distinguished from ‘speech community’ on the grounds that speech communities are sociolinguistic groupings with communicative needs such as socialisation and group solidarity, whereas discourse communities are groupings based on common interests.

Why is a discourse community important?

[Understanding] the ways that genres perform social actions in discourse communities can help you better understand where your college teachers are coming from in their writing assignments and also help you understand why there are different writing expectations and genres for different classes in different fields.

Is social media a discourse community?

1) argue, social media create “artefacts with a networking dimension, which are designed so as to make that dimension central to their use.” Social media provide a communicative medium through which people are rapidly and intensively creating new kinds of discourse communities.

What are the six characteristics of discourse community?

– the community of teachers that shares the discourse of learning and pedagogy (grading rubrics, classroom engagement) – the kickball league, which shares the discourse of the sport (the rules of the game, kicking strategy) – the voter outreach community, which shares the discourse of grassroots activism (canvassing, polling, lobbying)

What are examples of discourse communities?

Choose communities that are in conversation on a particular topic or problem.

  • Select key communities that represent various perspectives on a topic.
  • Choose an organized or connected community that has a common purpose; for example,the animal rights group PETA.
  • What are some discourse community?

    ‘Discourse community’ is also often used to signal a focus on written rather than spoken texts, such as the writing of the academic discourse community or the reading of magazines by adolescents. An influential model of the defining characteristics of a discourse community was developed by Swales (1990), who lists the following characteristics.

    How does my discourse community communicate?

    A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals.

  • It has mechanisms of intercommunication among their members. ► The members of the community will communicate and converse with each other to share their experiences,thoughts,ideas,problems,and solutions.
  • In addition to owning genres,it has acquired some specific lexis.
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