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What does Hazel realize while she is flipping through the pictures on her phone?

What does Hazel realize while she is flipping through the pictures on her phone?

Hazel and her parents eat dinner with Augustus and his parents at Augustus’s house. While she waits, Hazel looks at pictures on her phone and thinks how it seems like forever ago that she met Augustus.

What are symbols in The Fault in Our Stars?

Water. Water in The Fault in Our Stars mostly directly represents suffering in both its negative and positive varieties. Water, for instance, symbolizes the fluid that collects in Hazel’s lungs as a result of her cancer. This liquid causes Hazel a huge amount of suffering in the novel.

What was the real story about Caroline Mathers?

Caroline Mathers is a background character in The Fault in Our Stars. She was another cancer victim in the book and died of a brain tumor while dating Augustus Waters. Caroline is first introduced when Hazel and Augustus are talking about their first kisses.

What was the reason that Augustus was arguing with his parents the morning they left for Amsterdam?

They are, essentially, feeling all the feelings. Many tears are shed and Augustus promises that he’ll fight that cancer as hard as he can for her. Also, the reason he was fighting with his parents was because they wanted him not to go to Amsterdam so he could keep up with his chemo treatment.

Where does Peter Van Houten live in The Fault in Our Stars?

After Augustus finishes reading her book, he is frustrated upon learning that the novel ends abruptly without a conclusion, as if Anna had died suddenly. Hazel explains the novel’s author, Peter van Houten, retreated to Amsterdam following the novel’s publication and has not been heard from since.

What happened to Isaac eyes?

Isaac is one of the supporting characters of The Fault in Our Stars. He had an eye cancer known as retinoblastoma, he also had one glass eye and one real eye, then the other real eye was removed and he is NEC. He and Augustus are best friends, and through him Augustus befriends Hazel.

Why is Hazel a vegetarian?

Q: Why is Hazel a vegetarian? Well, as she says, she wants to minimize the number of deaths for which she is responsible.

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