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What does Ikw mean in texting?

What does Ikw mean in texting?


Acronym Definition
IKW Internet Keyboard Warrior (gaming)
IKW Intern Kickoff Weekend (Campus Crusade for Christ)
IKW International Khepera Workshop (robotics conference)
IKW Industrieverband Körperpflege- und Waschmittel eV (German industrial union of detergents and cosmetics)

What is MILF texting?

vulgar, slang. a sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

What does cob stand for texting?

COB can be used interchangeably with end of business (EOB), end of day (EOD), end of play (EOP), close of play (COP), and close of business (COB).

What is ikW in chiller?

Performance Assessment Of Chiller Main performance parameter is ikW/TR and it is define by ratio of power input to compressor divided by tons of cooling produced. Lower ikW/TR indicates higher efficiency. COP (Co – efficient of Performance) is define by ratio of EER by 3.413.

What LKW means?

truck. More meanings for Lkw. truck noun. LKW, Lastwagen, Lastkraftwagen, Laster, Lore. lorry noun.

What’s CIM mean?

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
The integration of manufacturing operations by integrating human systems, information systems and manufacturing systems. The goal of such systems is to combine electronically the systems and functions necessary to manufacture products more effectively.

What means DATY?

Dining At
(slang) Stands for Dining At The Y. Performing oral sex on a woman with her legs spread.

What is IPLV HVAC?

By: John Fabian. The Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) is a performance characteristic developed by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI). It is most commonly used to describe the performance of a chiller capable of capacity modulation.

What is PKW and LKW?

I accessed a german internet site and I know that Pkw is referring to passenger cars and Lkw is about trucks.

What does PKW stand for?


Acronym Definition
PKW Personenkraftwagen (German: passenger car)
PKW Plastique Kinetic Worms (artist organization; Singapore; est. 1998)
PKW Panstwowa Komisja Wyborcza (Polish: National Electoral Commission)
PKW Pro Karate Weekly (radio show)

What is COP in cooling?

COP (Coefficient of Performance) COP is defined as the relationship between the power (kW) that is drawn out of the heat pump as cooling or heat, and the power (kW) that is supplied to the compressor. For example: A given heat pump used for air cooling has a COP = 2.

What does Idek mean in texting?

IDC – I Don’t Care

  • IKR – I Know Right
  • IDK – I Don’t Know
  • IDEC – I Don’t Even Care
  • IDEK – I Don’t Even Know
  • IDEKY – I Don’t Even Know You
  • IDEWTK – I Don’t Even Want To Know
  • IDKE – I Don’t Know Either
  • IDKW – I Don’t Know Why
  • IDKWTD – I Don’t Know What To Do
  • What does Ike mean in texting?

    When a girl really,really likes you she will text you a lot.

  • If she texts you back when it’s unnecessary,she wants to keep the conversation alive.
  • If she doesn’t text back at all after several days,that’s a big bad sign.
  • Some women are not as overt as others.
  • Sometimes girls send you back a response to AFFIRM that they like you.
  • What does Ike mean in text?

    The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) is an IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) standard protocol used to ensure security for virtual private network (VPN) negotiation and remote host or network access. What does ick mean slang? What does Ikr mean in text? Ikr stands for I know, right. Use ikr to agree with something someone said.

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