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What does IMO stand for slang?

What does IMO stand for slang?

in my opinion
1 in my opinion Is text-messaging hurting teen language skills? IMO, no …—

What does IMO mean on snap?

The abbreviation “IMO” is an internet slang acronym that commonly stands for “in my opinion.”

What does IMO mean on TikTok?

“In My Opinion” is the most common definition for IMO on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. IMO. Definition: In My Opinion.

What does IMO girl mean?

IMO stands for in my opinion.

Is IMO rude?

No, it’s not rude. It’s just an acronym- it stands for “in my opinion”. You may also see “imho”- “in my humble opinion”. “Imo” refers to a slang term meaning In my opinion.

What does IMO mean on twitter?

In my opinion
In my opinion i think you should know this imo.

What does IMO stand for on Facebook?

What They Mean. IMO stands for “in my opinion,” and IMHO stands for “in my humble opinion” or “in my honest opinion.” For the most part, IMO and IMHO are interchangeable.

What does IOM mean?


Acronym Definition
IOM Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Sciences)
IOM International Organization for Migration
IOM Institute of Materials
IOM Institute of Marketing (UK)

What does IMG mean in texting?

Slang / Jargon (1) Acronym. Definition. IMG. Image.

What does Omw mean?

on my way
OMW is an acronym that means on my way. It can also be used to imply that a person is moving toward a goal, an event, or an adventure of some kind.

What is IMO Urban Dictionary?

IMO — “in my opinion”

What does IMO cry mean?

written abbreviation for in my opinion: used when you tell someone your opinion, for example in an email. Compare. imho.

What does the acronym IMO stand for?

The abbreviation IMO is an internet slang acronym that commonly stands for “in my opinion.” Using IMO in texts is a pretty great way to save time and space when expressing what you really think. It’s simple enough, it means that the next few lines that will follow “IMO” aren’t facts, but just someone sharing their opinion.

What does IMO slang word mean in text message?

Instant Money-Order

  • Installation Maintenance Officer
  • Independent Electricity Market Operator
  • Internet Multimedia Office
  • In Memory Of
  • Im Moment (German: In This Moment)
  • Installation Management Office
  • Independent Market Operator
  • Intermediate Military Objective (US DoD)
  • Installation Mobility Officer
  • What does “IMO” stand for?

    What does the acronym IMO stand for? According to Cambridge Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Unabridged English Dictionary, amongst other dictionary apps, the term IMO most often stands for “in my opinion.”This trending internet slang term is used at the beginning of a sentence to express to another person that the thoughts they are about to share are their own personal opinion.

    What does IMO mean in text lingo?

    “IMO” used in text messaging is an abbreviation for “in my opinion” and it’s not so rude as other far dirtier slangs like four-letter words and swearing words. But please refrain from using it in formal writing like emails to your business partners.

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