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What does in a spin mean?

What does in a spin mean?

If you say that someone is in a spin or in a flat spin, you mean that they are confused and unable to act sensibly because of something that has happened. [British, informal] Poor Jane was in rather a spin about the party.

What does take a spin mean?

Filters. (idiomatic) To test or try out something, especially an automobile. I kicked the tires and then the salesperson invited me to take the car for a spin.

What does spin over mean?

1 to rotate or cause to rotate rapidly, as on an axis.

What is spinning explain with example?

Spin is defined as to twist fibers together, or to make a web or cocoon from body fluid. An example of to spin is twisting threads of wool together to make yarn. An example of to spin is for a spider to spin a web. To draw out and twist (fibers) into thread.

What does it mean to take a spill?

Definition of take a spill : to fall He took a spill while skiing and broke his leg.

What does it mean to be taken for a ride?

Definition of take for a ride 1 informal : to cheat or trick (someone) You can get sucked into a scheme that will cost you dearly. … You can get suckered, swindled, taken for a ride … —

What is drag out?

Definition of drag out 1 : to cause (something) to take more time than necessary He dragged out the speech much too long. 2 : to force (something, such as a confession) from (someone) : to make (someone) tell one (something) The teacher eventually dragged a confession out of one of the students.

What does spin out of control mean?

Definition of spin out of control 1 : to move in a way that is not controlled The rocket spun out of control and crashed. 2 : to keep getting worse in a way that is hard to stop or fix Her drinking problem is spinning out of control.

What is the antonyms of spin?

What is the opposite of spin?

stand loiter
idle laze
linger loaf
lounge mope
procrastinate tarry

What is the sentence of spin?

(1) The blades spin at 100 rotations per minute. (2) The propeller started to spin around. (3) Mother used to spin her own yarn. (4) She’s in a spin over the arrangements for the party.

What does spin mean in English?

spin noun (CHANGE IDEAS) [ S or U ] informal. a way of describing an idea or situation that makes it seem better than it really is, especially in politics: They have tried to put a positive spin on the situation.

What is spin in public relations?

In public relations and politics, spin is a form of propaganda, achieved through knowingly providing a biased interpretation of an event or campaigning to influence public opinion about some organization or public figure. This is a very well-known usage, at least in North America.

What is a spin on a story?

a particular way of representing an event or situation to the public so that it will be understood in a way that you want it to be understood: They tried to put a positive / negative spin on the story (= They tried to make it seem better or worse), but nobody was fooled.

What does spin away mean?

There was also an American TV show that ran for six years called Spin City that was about the public relations department of the (fictional) New York City mayor. So in your example sentence, “spinning away”, means “providing politically-biased explanations or excuses for”.

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