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What does it mean holding over?

What does it mean holding over?

Holding over is simply a tenant remaining in occupation of premises once the original term of their letting has come to an end.

What is a holdover position?

A holdover tenant is a renter who remains in a property after the expiration of the lease. If the landlord does not accept further rent payments, the tenant is considered to be trespassing, and if they do not promptly move out, an eviction may be necessary.

What is the meaning of holding on?

Definition of hold on intransitive verb. 1a : to maintain a condition or position : persist. b : to maintain a grasp on something : hang on. 2 : to await something (such as a telephone connection) desired or requested broadly : wait. hold on to.

What does hold us over mean?

1. verb To use knowledge of one’s past behavior or misdeeds as a means of leverage or manipulation.

Why does he have a hold over me?

To have such a hold over me means “have such power/control over me”. He is so in love with her that he can’t think about anything else. When you take hold of something you control it. It’s like she has taken control of his heart.

Can’t hold out meaning?

phrasal verb. If you hold out for something, you refuse to accept something which you do not think is good enough or large enough, and you continue to demand more. I should have held out for a better deal.

What means hold out?

: to refuse to accept or agree to something in order to get (something) The workers are holding out for higher pay. The wide receiver is holding out for a new contract.

Is it hold on to or hold onto?

Both ‘hold on to’ and ‘hold onto’ are used. ‘hold on to’ has been around for two centuries. ‘hold onto’ has been around for only one century. ‘hold on to’ occurs more often, and always has.

What does it mean when someone holds you?

2. To expect someone to adhere to some agreement or promise: I’ll hold you to your word. 3. To remain loyal or faithful to something: She held to her resolutions.

What does it mean to have a strong hold on someone?

give (one) a strong hold on (someone) To cause one to gain a strong influence or effect on someone. Compliments will give you a strong hold on Marcy, but you didn’t hear it from me. The economic contributions of Mr. Duvall’s company has given him a strong hold on this town.

What does hard to hold out mean?

(CONTINUE) to continue in a situation that is dangerous or difficult: They won’t be able to hold out much longer against these attacks.

What does tenant holding over mean?

What Is a Hold-over Tenant? A hold-over tenant is a tenant whose lease has expired but who continues to occupy the leased premises. This situation is also known as tenancy at sufferance. This can occur at the end of a tenancy for a term of years or any other kind of periodic tenancy.

What is another word for “holding back”?

Synonyms for ‘hold back’: intercept, obstruct, block, pin, immobilize, pin down, trap, , bog down, encumber, hold down, hold in, immobilise

What is holding over lease?

Holding over – the risks. Holding over principally presents risks as a result of the lack of clarity on the legal position of the parties that it creates.

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