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What does lapping a gun barrel mean?

What does lapping a gun barrel mean?

Lapping uses a lead slug cast to the bore, impregnated with abrasive and worked back and forth through the newly crafted barrel. The lapping removes miniscule tool marks from the bore with the intent of reducing fouling and improving accuracy.

Should I lap barrel?

The lapping removes miniscule tool marks from the bore with the intent of reducing fouling and improving accuracy. High-volume production barrels do not get lapped. Barrels that haven’t been lapped can sometimes be improved by lapping, but few other than barrel-makers have the proper tools for the job.

What is hand lapping?

Lapping is a machining process in which two surfaces are rubbed together with an abrasive between them, by hand movement or using a machine. This produces microscopic conchoidal fractures as the abrasive rolls about between the two surfaces and removes material from both.

Can I use metal polish on gun?

Used and recommended by major firearms manufacturers, Lucas Oil Gun Metal Polish & Tumbler Media Additive cleans and polishes factory firearm finishes like blue, nickel, stainless, aluminum and brass.

Why is Kroil so good?

It has the ability to crawl in millionths of an inch, breaking the bond caused by rusting, tainting or compression. It lubricates the solidified metal parts to get loose. Kroil is the best at managing weapons and cleaning firearms. It acts quickly and brutally on all rusted and stuck parts.

What is J-B powder?

The original, time-proven formula developed by Jim Brobst and produced under exclusive license. J-B has been getting burned-on, caked-in powder residue and copper jacket fouling out of gun barrels since the 1960’s, and hasn’t damaged an inch of rifling yet.

What is J-B oil?

He said, ” J-B is an ultra mild, abrasive oil paste, finer than jewelers’ rouge, which we in the rifle accuracy shenanigan, a few years ago, found was the answer to problems of metal fouling and serious powder fouling that solvents either won’t touch, or will cut only by much labor.”

What makes J-B so special?

A unique combination of ingredients and a one-of-kind, multi-step mixing process give J-B its special characteristics. They work together to cushion the abrasive action; the soft paste liquifies as you use it, then wipes out of the bore easily.

What is J-B scrubbing?

J-B has been a favorite on gunsmiths’ benches for years, as a “magic” cure for customer guns that “…just won’t shoot anymore”. These pros know that a good scrubbing with J-B often restores accuracy. Match and varmint shooters put a lot of rounds down range, many of those using moly coated bullets.

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