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What does LWRC stand for in rifles?

What does LWRC stand for in rifles?

Land Warfare Resources Corporation
LWRC International, LLC, formerly known as Land Warfare Resources Corporation, is a CAGE defense contractor and firearms manufacturer, founded in 1999, and is now based in Cambridge, Maryland.

Are LWRC guns good?

The LWRC International IC-SPR Rifle is a premium AR-15 powerhouse. It’s ultra reliable. The handling is awesome. And it’s lightweight.

Does the military use LWRC?

The M6 is a series of carbines designed and manufactured by LWRC International. It is based on the M4 carbine, with which it shares 80% of its parts. The ‘M’ model name is not a US military designation….

Feed system STANAG-compliant magazine Barrett magazine (6.8 mm models)
Sights BUIS Flip-Up iron sights

What is a NiCorr treated barrel?

Each barrel is manufactured out of 41V45 steel alloy treated with NiCorr™ surface conversion technology. Our NiCorr™ surface conversion is permanently lubricious, harder wearing, more heat and corrosion resistant than hard chrome barrel surfaces. Advanced Materials. Every detail counts.

Are LWRC AR 15 any good?

The LWRCI IC-DI AR-15 is quality machinery at its finest, with several features for improved accuracy out of the box and a lightweight rifle that didn’t feel cheap. Aside from the shorter rail, my biggest con is the price because I paid almost $1,800 for this one.

What is an M6 rifle?

The M6 was a superposed (“over-under”) combination gun, with a . 22 Hornet rifle barrel located above the . 410 bore shotgun barrel. It has 14-inch barrels and folds in half to a minimum size of 15 inches. A storage compartment in the stock held 9 rounds of .

Why buy LWRC rifles?

Over the years, the many satisfied customers of LWRC rifles have helped them to build a reputation for excellence throughout the defense, commercial and international firearms arenas. Please Note: LWRC rifles are available for special order, with a current estimated build-time from LWRC of 1-2 weeks.

How long does it take for LWRC rifles to be built?

Please Note: LWRC rifles are available for special order, with a current estimated build-time from LWRC of 1-2 weeks. Please call 1-877-446-8370 or email us for more information on ordering and delivery times for LWRC rifles.

Does the LWRC have a better trigger than DD?

When we tested DD out, its trigger negatively influenced the rifle’s accuracy. We decided to give the point to LWRC because it has a better factory trigger that doesn’t need an upgrade if you aren’t into competitions. Both the Daniel Defense & LWRC prefer heavier ammo because of their twist rate.

What is the difference between the LWRC di and Daniel Defense?

The Daniel Defense offers various optics and accessories that allow for the maximum sight radius for accurate shooting with its rail mounted iron sights. At the same time, the LWRC DI lacks such, so if you want to have a better scope in LWRC, you will need to purchase an optic accessory.

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