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What does POV stand for on PBS?

What does POV stand for on PBS?

point of view
POV (a cinema term for “point of view”) is television’s longest-running showcase for independent nonfiction films. POV premieres 14-16 of the best, boldest and most innovative programs every year on PBS. Since 1988, POV has presented over 500 films to public television audiences across the country.

How do I submit a movie to PBS?

How to Get Your Documentary on Public Television

  1. Familiarize Yourself with PBS Programming.
  2. Pick up the Phone or Send an Email.
  3. Get to Know Your Local PBS Affiliate.
  4. Be Prepared to Offer Your Film in Alternate Lengths.
  5. Make Sure You Meet Editorial Standards.
  6. Check Your Funding Sources.

What does POV mean in medical terms?

Purpose of Visit (medical coding) POV.

What does POV mean job?

When hired by businesses to assist with their media planning efforts, advertising agencies generate POVs, also known as “Point of View” reports, to help their clients evaluate advertising options.

How do PBS shows make money?

The very little amount of federal funding [we get] mostly goes to our stations. We get dues from the stations, and then we have to either fundraise to get the other money or look at ways that we can generate revenue from things like DVD sales.

How much is the PBS passport?

PBS Passport serves as a valuable benefit for sustainers – and one with a lower point of entry at an enticing sustainer rate of $5 per month or $60 annually. As an automatic monthly withdrawal from the donor’s account, PBS Passport appeals to donors familiar with monthly services.

How do I submit to PBS Short Film Festival?

You must download and complete the application….Your submission must also include the following:

  1. PBS Submission Release Form.
  2. Filmmaker/Production Team Biography.
  3. Project Treatment.
  4. Line-Item Expense Budget.
  5. Production Schedule.

What is a POV form?

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Shipment. Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) Drop off and/or pick up. Real Estate.

Does PBS produce its own programs?

Please note that PBS is a membership organization that provides national programming, distribution, and technical services to our member stations. We do not produce the programs you see on our air. We can only work with experienced producers who are capable of managing all aspects of a project’s development and production.

What is PBS’ policy on returned proposal submissions?

PBS is not obligated to return proposal submissions and PBS is not responsible for lost or damaged materials. Please retain copies of all submitted items as they will be recycled or discarded upon completion of review.

How do I submit a proposal to PBS?

1 Your proposal materials must be accompanied by a signed proposal release form and an informational summary sheet. PBS cannot review a proposal until these forms are on file. 2 Assemble your materials, sending all relevant information about each project. 3 Prepare sending. 4 Proposals are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

How do I submit materials for a PBS Kids project?

Email submissions are preferred for all PBS KIDS submissions. Please send materials to: [email protected] Note: Producers wishing to submit their proposal to a continuing series, such as Frontline or American Experience, please see Continuing Series and Anthologies.

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