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What does Tricot mean?

What does Tricot mean?

tricot. ( ˈtrɪkəʊ; ˈtriː-) n. 1. (Textiles) a thin rayon or nylon fabric knitted or resembling knitting, used for dresses, etc. 2. (Textiles) a type of ribbed dress fabric. [C19: from French, from tricoter to knit, of unknown origin]

What is Tricot used for?

What is Tricot used for? A tricot is a very thin and smooth textured knit consisting of fine or single yarns which form vertical whales on the surface of the fabric and crosswise ribs on the back, thus resulting in a run-resistant knit. Tricots are often used for the construction of swimwear, underwear, sportswear and gloves.

What does Tricot mean in French?

trē′kō, n. a hand-knitted woollen fabric, or machine fabric imitating it: a soft, slightly-ribbed cloth for women’s garments. [Fr. tricot, knitting, tricoter, to knit, from Teut.; Ger. stricken .]

What is 2 way Tricot dakimakura?

What is 2 way tricot dakimakura? 2WAY: The best fabric for original dakimakura so far; also known as all polyester, 2WT (shortened form for 2 WAY Tricot) is made of polyester fibers known as “dacron”.

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