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What engine did the Pontiac Firebird have?

What engine did the Pontiac Firebird have?

Performance (Firebird / Firebird Trans Am)

Engine Year(s) 0–60 mph
5.7 L (347.8 cu in) LT1 V8 1993–1997 5.4 s.
1996–1997 5.0 s.
5.7 L (347.8 cu in) LS1 V8 1998–2000 4.9 s.
2001–2002 4.7 s.

How much horsepower does a 1985 Pontiac Firebird have?

Three engine choices were offered, all 305-cid V-8s: carbureted, delivering either 165 horsepower or (in the high-output L69 version) 190 bhp; or a new tuned-port injected V-8, similar to the Corvette’s, that was good for 205 frenzied horses.

What year did the Firebird Formula come out?

Pontiac Firebird
Production February 23, 1967 – August 30, 2002
Model years 1967 – 2002
Body and chassis
Class Pony car Muscle car

What kind of engine does a 1985 Pontiac Firebird have?

The 1985 Pontiac Firebird with Carburated V6 is dropped and replaced with new multi port fuel injected 2.8L V6 making 135hp. Borg Warner 9 bolt differential is available for first time. The new positive traction rear end in the 1985 Firebird is said to be stronger than the Dana 44.

What kind of motor does a Firebird Formula have?

Firebird Formula introduced, available with LG4, LB9 and L98 350 TPI motor. The earlier Trans Am “Power Bulge” hood returns on the Formula only. Wrap-around spoiler updated and now standard on Trans Am and Formula. Regular flat wing spoiler from earlier Trans Am now standard on Firebird. Trans Am and Formula get optional 140 mph speedometer.

What kind of Hood does a 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am have?

New tail lenses introduced on 1985 Firebird.The classic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am “Power Bulge” hood discontinued in favor of new flat hood with twin louvered nostrils that are not functional. The 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am receives restyled nose with integrated fog lights, new redesigned ground effects now standard.

What year did the Pontiac Firebird come out?

The Pontiac Firebird is an American automobile built by Pontiac from the 1967 to the 2002 model years. Designed as a pony car to compete with the Ford Mustang, it was introduced February 23, 1967, the same model year as GM’s Chevrolet division platform-sharing Camaro.

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