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What happened Finis Valorum?

What happened Finis Valorum?

Valorum was murdered in a terrorist attack shortly after the Battle of Jabiim, when his freighter, Star of Iskin, exploded on takeoff.

What happened to Finis Valorum after Order 66?

After his resignation, Valorum spent the next two years in seclusion, waiting for the public’s distaste for him to wear off. He contributed where he could and received no thanks for his trouble. After he returned to public life, he spent his retirement working with the Refugee Relief Movement .

Is Chancellor Valorum Darth plagueis?

THE PREMISE: Senator Palpatine (aka Darth Sidious) and Chancellor Valorum (aka Darth Plagueis) were co-conspirators in the death of the Republic and rise of the Empire. Darth Plagueis is the true Sith master, and Darth Sidious is the apprentice.

How many Chancellor Valorum are there?

Several of Valorum’s descendants rose to political prominence and at least two served as Supreme Chancellor, including Finis Valorum, who was replaced by Palpatine—a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Why was Valorum voted out?

In 32 BBY, Chancellor Finis Valorum was voted out of office after his administration was publicly denounced by Queen Padmé Amidala, who found Valorum’s response to the Trade Federation’s invasion of Naboo inadequate.

Who is Chancellor before Palpatine?

FALL OF THE REPUBLIC A canny Chagrian politician, Mas Amedda served as the Republic’s Vice Chancellor under Valorum during the Naboo crisis. When Senator Palpatine succeeded Valorum as Chancellor, Amedda retained his position under the Republic’s new leader.

Who was Darth plagueis’s master?

Darth Tenebrous
Darth Tenebrous was the Sith Master of Darth Plagueis.

What happened to Valorum after the Clone Wars?

For his entire life, Valorum planned to ascend to the Office of the Chancellor. He entered into political life and became a civil servant within the Galactic Republic, in which House Valorum held much prestige and influence. Later, Valorum himself was elected to the chancellery by the Galactic Senate.

Who was Chancellor before Finis Valorum?

List of Supreme Chancellors

Period Supreme Chancellor
c. 44 BBY–40 BBY Kirames Kaj
Sometime before 32 BBY Skor Kalpana
Removed in 32 BBY Finis Valorum
32 BBY–19 BBY Sheev Palpatine

Was Supreme Chancellor Valorum a Sith?

In The Star Wars: Rough Draft, Valorum was a Sith knight who was demoted to the level of stormtrooper after failing to capture Rebel fighters, before defecting from the Galactic Empire and joining the Rebels; the character bore some similarities to Darth Vader.

Who is most powerful Sith?

1. Darth Sidious (Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace) Truly, the most powerful Sith Lord was Darth Sidious, better known in his public persona of Chancellor (later Emperor) Palpatine. Through cunning and manipulation, Sidious killed his master to claim the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

Who is Finis Valorum in Star Wars?

―Padmé Amidala and Sheev Palpatine [src] Finis Valorum was a human male politician from House Valorum who served as the penultimate Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. His administration was hampered by corruption and bureaucracy in the Galactic Senate, which Valorum was unable to bring under control.

What is the history of the Valorum family?

He was the last in the line of House Valorum, a renowned political dynasty that included Tarsus Valorum, who had served as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the Ruusan Reformation of 1000 BBY.

What happened to Lord Valorum?

With his profile raised during the war, Valorum made a succesful bid for Supreme Chancellor in 40 BBY. He won another term four years later, but was considered an ineffectual leader for his insistence on orthodox diplomatic approaches to issues.

What happened to Gunray and Valorum?

After surviving attacks from Stark forces, Valorum and Gunray were escorted back to Coruscant by the Jedi Adi Gallia, where Valorum explained the situation to the Galactic Senate and prevented them from giving in to Stark’s demands. With his profile raised during the war, Valorum made a succesful bid for Supreme Chancellor in 40 BBY.

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