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What happened to Marshall Henderson?

What happened to Marshall Henderson?

In 2020, Henderson was hired by head coach Kermit Davis to serve as a graduate manager for the Rebels. He’s also working toward a master’s degree. “Of course, I am thrilled to be back in Oxford,” Henderson said after joining Davis’ staff. “The people here have been more than wonderful to me for a long time.

When did Marshall Henderson play at Ole Miss?

Henderson, 29, played for Ole Miss from 2012 to 2014, racking up 1,293 points in just two seasons as he averaged 19.6 points per game. He set a school record with 138 made 3-pointers as a junior while leading the Rebels to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Where is Marshall Henderson from?

Fort Worth, Texas
Marshall Henderson

Independence Community College
Born September 19, 1990 Fort Worth, Texas
Nationality American
Listed height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Listed weight 175 lb (79 kg)

Who is Ole Miss quarterback?

Matt Corral
Kinkead DentLuke AltmyerAlex Grado
Ole Miss Rebels football/Quarterbacks
One quarterback specifically is drawing a lot of attention right now and that is Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral. Corral is arguably the best quarterback in the 2022 Draft and therefore is a prospect more than a few teams should have their eyes on.

Is Matt Corral returning?

Corral has been ruled doubtful to return to the 2021 Sugar Bowl for the No. 8, according to ESPN’s Katie George. He would be seen returning to the field on crutches without his pads, being greeted by the fanbase with a roar of applause.

Is Matt Corral returning to Ole Miss?

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral says he will not return to program in 2022. Mississippi quarterback Matt Corral announced Friday night he would not return to the Rebels football program after the 2021 season.

What is Bruce Pearl’s race?

A Jewish native of Boston, Pearl attended Sharon High School in Sharon, Massachusetts and is a 1982 graduate of Boston College, where he served as the manager of the men’s basketball team. He is married to Brandy.

Does Bruce Pearl have a son?

Steven Pearl
Michael Pearl
Bruce Pearl/Sons

Who is quarterback for Ole Miss?

Corral led Ole Miss to their first 10-win season Matt Corral, the Ole Miss quarterback who was set to turn pro, was carted to the locker room on Saturday night during the team’s Sugar Bowl loss to Baylor.

Why is Matt Corral leaving?

Quarterback Matt Corral left the game with an apparent ankle injury in the first quarter and did not return, limiting what Ole Miss’ offense could do and squandering a dominant performance from the Rebels’ defense. Freshman Luke Altmyer relieved Corral.

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