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What happened to the Jet Magazine?

What happened to the Jet Magazine?

Jet ceased print production in June 2014. Two years later, Johnson Publishing sold both publications, save the photo archive, to private equity firm Clear View Group. Under new ownership, woes continued as unpaid freelancers sued Ebony, and the publication ended its print operation in 2019.

How long has Jet Magazine been around?

*On this date in 1951, Jet Magazine was published. This is a weekly magazine marketed to African American readers. It was founded by John H. Johnson of the Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois.

How many pages is Jet Magazine?

66 pages
It contains the customary 66 pages with all content relevant to the African American population.

What was the first African American magazine?

Ebony, monthly magazine geared to a middle-class African American readership. It was the first Black-oriented magazine in the United States to attain national circulation. Ebony was founded in 1945 by John H.

Is Ebony magazine still being published?

On May 24, 2019, Clear View Group suspended the print edition of the magazine, with the Spring 2019 issue the last to be printed. In March 2021, the magazine relaunched in digital format.

Who owns Ebony magazine now?

Ulysses Bridgeman
Ebony stopped printing its magazine in 2019 and Johnson Publishing filed for bankruptcy the same year. The magazines changed hands again last year, with Milwaukee Bucks alum and Black businessman Ulysses Bridgeman buying Ebony and Jet for $14 million in December. It officially relaunched in March.

Is Ebony magazine still in existence?

Who owns Jet and Ebony magazine?

John Johnson’s company, Johnson Publishing, sold Ebony and its sister magazine Jet to a private equity firm in 2016.

What did Jet magazine stand for?

Early history The first issue of Jet was published on November 1, 1951, by John H. Johnson in Chicago, Illinois. Johnson called his magazine Jet because he wanted the name to symbolize “Black and speed”.

Who is the owner of Jet and Ebony magazine?

Who was on the cover of the first Ebony magazine?

Shirley Chisholm had just become the first Black woman in Congress when she graced the cover of Ebony magazine in 1969. Never one to fit the traditional mold of a Member of Congress, she added to the House’s substance and style, combining a commitment to social justice with an enviable wardrobe.

Who made the Jet magazine in 1951?

GRAMBLING STATE UNIVERSITY, at the time was GRAMBLING COLLEGE, her name was It’s True English, she made the jet magazine. A very unusual name. Would like to present to her as a Xmas gift. Hi I’m looking for the jet magazine dated November 22 1951 hardcopy please reach out to me if you have one or know where I can get one.

What year is this photo of John F Kennedy in Jet magazine?

He is in the picture on the July 8, 1965 issue, page 4. He had mentioned in passing that his picture was in JET magazine, and I was able to find it. THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing me to share this.

Was Peter Ford featured in Jet magazine in 1959?

My dad, Ernest Ford father,Peter Ford was featured in Jet Magazine in 1959 as a traveling minister heading to Africa. I’m helping him with his ancestry search and would appreciate your assistance in locating the article.

What is the name of the girl who made the Jet magazine?

I have a classmate we graduated from college together. GRAMBLING STATE UNIVERSITY, at the time was GRAMBLING COLLEGE, her name was It’s True English, she made the jet magazine. A very unusual name.

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