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What happens in Gaslit Gossip Girl?

What happens in Gaslit Gossip Girl?

Summary. Lily, Rufus, Eric, Blair, Dan, and Chuck find themselves at the hospital for a family emergency. Vanessa tries to frame Jenny for Juliet’s actions, thus threatening her relationship with the family. Meanwhile, Nate attempts to help his parents put the past behind them and reconcile.

What do they say at the end of every Gossip Girl episode?

She begins the recap with the sentence, “Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite,” and ends the recap with whispered voices saying “Where has she been?” and “Serena.” Then, the voice of Gossip Girl says, “And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell!

Does everyone find out Juliet drugged Serena?

While visiting her brother in prison, Juliet reveals that she drugged Serena and even shocks Ben (David Call) for what she has done, saying that drugging her is going to far in their plans to ruin her. When a furious Blair sees Jenny walk into her apartment, Jenny confesses what she, Vanessa and Juliet did.

What does Juliet do to Serena?

To ruin her friendship with Blair, Jenny exposes her sharing a kiss with Chuck in her slip. And finally, to put a final nail in her coffin, Juliet drugs Serena into an overdose and leaves her in a motel room in Queens. On Thanksgiving in Gaslit, Serena wakes from her overdose and calls for an ambulance.

Who am I that’s one secret I’ll never tell?

That’s a secret I’ll never tell. XOXO, Gossip Girl.” There’s a reason CW’s hit show Gossip Girl ran on for seven whole seasons – the fact that for that entire period, the identity of ‘Gossip Girl’ was never revealed.

What happens to Eva in Gossip Girl?

Blair decides to out her at Chuck’s charity gale, and Dan tells Nate Archibald, who tells Chuck. Chuck realizes Eva really didn’t know he was and runs to stop her. However, she still plans on leaving and does so after telling him not to forget the good man he is or her. This is Eva’s last appearance in the series.

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