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What is 13+ Common Entrance exam?

What is 13+ Common Entrance exam?

The 13+ Common Entrance exam is used by senior schools as part of the process for assessing candidates for entry into their schools. Pupils will sit the 13+ exam in either the Spring or, more commonly, the Summer term during Year 8.

How do I prepare for a 13+ exam?

How to Prepare for the 13+ Common Entrance Exams

  1. Focus on learning core content now.
  2. Start scheduling and planning now.
  3. Exam technique.
  4. Effective learning.
  5. Put time limits on your homework and reward yourself.
  6. My Tutor Club Booster Courses.

What subjects are in Common Entrance?

National Exam Success

  • Mathematics & Basic Science (out of 40 and 10 respectively)
  • English & Social Studies (out of 40 and 20 respectively)
  • Quantitative & Vocational Aptitude (out of 40 and 10 respectively)
  • Verbal Aptitude (out of 40 respectively)

Who marks Common Entrance papers?

In most cases, CE candidates have already been offered a place at the relevant senior school – often by a pre-test in year 6 or 7 – subject to their passing the exams, which are usually taken at their current school. Answers are marked by the senior school according its own grade boundaries.

What subjects are in the 13+?

At 13+, Common Entrance consists of examinations in Mathematics (three papers: a (listening) mental mathematics paper, plus written non-calculator and calculator); English (two papers); and one paper each in Latin, Classical Greek, Geography, History, Religious Studies, plus either Physics, Chemistry and Biology or …

What schools do 13+?

The Pre-Test and the 13+ exams

  • Alleyn’s School.
  • City of London School.
  • Dulwich College.
  • Eton College.
  • KCS Wimbledon.
  • Latymer Upper.
  • St Paul’s Prep.
  • Westminster School.

Is there a 12+ exam?

The 12+/13+ exam is for pupils in Years 7 and 8 who may have narrowly missed out on a grammar school place due to their 11+ exam results. The 12 Plus/13 Plus allows a child more time to prepare (up to 18 months) for the late transfer test.

How do I apply for 13+?

Entering candidates Registration for Common Entrance at 13+ is done using the ISEB registration website. Each school has an account number and a password, which should be stored safely for future use. Candidates should be registered by their full name, which will then appear on their final certificate.

Is Common Entrance hard?

Does the difficulty vary? Yes. There are different Levels (1 and 2) in Science and English. English Level 1 involves easier comprehension questions.

What is replacing Common Entrance?

Officially called the Prep School Baccalaureate (PSB), this is to replace the Common Entrance exam which has been a mainstay of the independent school sector for over 100 years. The Common Entrance exam is traditionally sat by pupils entering senior schools.

Is there a 13 plus exam?

Pupils sit the Common Entrance examination at 13+ when they are in Year 8. There are three examination sessions each year, in November, January and May/June. The core subjects – English, Mathematics and Science – are compulsory.

Do grammar schools do 13+?

Grammar schools tend to have a larger intake of students at 11 Plus level than at 12+/13+. In some instances, there may be as little as 2 or 3 available places at 12 Plus / 13 Plus, so it’s important to set your child’s expectations as part of their preparation.

What is the difference between the 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Exams?

While candidates who are aged 6 take the 11+ Common Entrance Exam, those who are aged 8 years take the 13+ Common Entrance Exam for admittance to the senior school of their choice.

What are the subjects on the Common Entrance Exam?

The main subjects of the 13+ Entrance Exams are English, mathematics and science. However, additional subjects that students can apply for to enhance their admission process include French, geography, history and religious studies. Most pupils prefer to sit the second level as it is the standard paper. How much does the Common Entrance Exam cost?

What is the Common Entrance Test (CET)?

The Common Entrance Test is offered by Galore Park, which is the selected distributor of the Independent School Examination Board (ISEB) exam papers. The common entrance exams are titled the 11+ Entrance Test and the 13+ Entrance Test.

How to prepare for the 13+ entrance exam?

This exam is mostly held in spring or summer during year 8. Practice and mock tests for the exam are also provided by Galore Park to help prepare the candidate for this exam. The main subjects of the 13+ Entrance Exams are English, mathematics and science.

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