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What is a bistable relay?

What is a bistable relay?

Bistable relays allow for two stable switch positions even when powered down. In comparison to monostable relays, just a short switching impulse of a few milliseconds is enough to switch the relay into a defined switch position. Only a low nominal power level is required. This saves energy and reduces heat generation.

What is a bistable latching relay?

A latching relay / bistable relay is designed to be voltage pulse activated. The voltage pulse will activate the relay to pull-in or release the contacts. The latching relay / bistable relay will hold its contactposition till the next voltage pulse.

What is the use of impulse relay?

Impulse Relays Impulse relays are a form of latching relay that transfers the contacts with each pulse. Many impulse relays are made up of a magnetic latch relay and a solid state steering circuit that, upon application of power, determines which position the relay is in and energizes the opposite coil.

Where are bistable relays used?

Bistable relays are used to switch electrical circuits by impulse command, especially for lighting control in ordinary houses, warehouses, production halls and other buildings.

What is monostable and bistable relay?

With monostable DC or AC relays, the contacts automati- cally return to the release state when the excitation current is switched off. In the case of bistable relays, the contacts remain in their present switch position when the excitation current is switched off.

What is DPDT relay?

DPDT stands for double-pole double-throw relay which is an electromagnetic device used to separate two circuits electrically and connect them magnetically. They are often used to interface an electronic circuit, which works at a low voltage to an electrical circuit which works at a high voltage.

What is an alternating relay?

Alternating relays alternate the operation of two loads. They handle processes that require two loads and are used with devices like pumps, AC units, motors, and air compressors.

What is monostable relay?

Ordinary relays are “monostable” type, and this relay belongs to “bistable” type. There are two coils, one is energized, the relay is pulled in, the power is not released, and when another coil is energized, it will reverse pull in, that is, the original state of release.

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