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What is a C2H2 zinc-finger?

What is a C2H2 zinc-finger?

C2H2 zinc fingers (Cys2-His2) represent one of the most common domains found in the TFs of higher eukaryotes. The zinc finger structure is stabilized by the coordination of a zinc atom with two conserved cysteine residues at one end of the β sheet and with two conserved histidine residues at the α-helix C-terminus.

What does zinc-finger protein do?

Zinc finger proteins are among the most abundant proteins in eukaryotic genomes. Their functions are extraordinarily diverse and include DNA recognition, RNA packaging, transcriptional activation, regulation of apoptosis, protein folding and assembly, and lipid binding.

What protein contains a zinc-finger domain?

Zinc finger domains are one of the most common structural motifs in eukaryotic cells, which employ the motif in some of their most important proteins (including TFIIIA, CTCF, and ZiF268). These DNA binding proteins contain up to 37 zinc finger domains connected by flexible linker regions.

What is c2h2?

Acetylene (systematic name: ethyne) is the chemical compound with the formula C2H2. It is a hydrocarbon and the simplest alkyne. This colorless gas (lower hydrocarbons are generally gaseous in nature) is widely used as a fuel and a chemical building block.

Is zinc finger a transcription factor?

Zinc finger proteins are the largest transcription factor family in human genome. The diverse combinations and functions of zinc finger motifs make zinc finger proteins versatile in biological processes, including development, differentiation, metabolism and autophagy.

How do zinc finger proteins bind DNA?

The binding of zinc finger is found to be distinct from many other DNA-binding proteins that bind DNA through the 2-fold symmetry of the double helix, instead zinc fingers are linked linearly in tandem to bind nucleic acid sequences of varying lengths. Zinc fingers often bind to a sequence of DNA known as the GC box.

What molecule is C2H2?


PubChem CID 6326
Molecular Formula C2H2
Synonyms ACETYLENE Ethyne Acetylen Narcylen Vinylene More…
Molecular Weight 26.04
Dates Modify 2022-02-04 Create 2004-09-16

What is bond angle for C2H2?

– Single bond = 1 sigma bond. – Double bond = 1 sigma and one pi bond. – Triple bond = 1 sigma and 2 pi bonds.

What are zinc finger proteins?

Role of ZNFs in diseases. Recent findings have highlighted the importance of ZNFs in cancer onset and progression.

  • Conclusions. It is now well accepted that ZNFs have a crucial role both in tissue homeostasis and disease.
  • Additional information.
  • What is a zinc finger?

    A zinc finger is a small, functional, independently folded domain that coordinates one or more zinc ions to stabilize its structure through cysteine and/or histidine residues. Zinc fingers are structurally diverse and exhibit a wide range of functions, from DNA- or RNA-binding to protein-protein interactions and membrane association.

    What is zinc finger protein?

    Zinc finger (ZF) proteins are proteins that use zinc as a structural cofactor. The common feature among all ZFs is that they contain repeats of four cysteine and/or histidine residues within their primary amino acid sequence.

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