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What is a decisive factor?

What is a decisive factor?

Definitions of decisive factor. a point or fact or remark that settles something conclusively. synonyms: clincher. type of: causal factor, determinant, determinative, determiner, determining factor. a determining or causal element or factor.

What’s another word for determining factor?

What is another word for determining factor?

factor element
determinant component
cause characteristic
circumstance consideration
influence part

How do you pronounce deciding factor?

1. determining

  1. determinant.
  2. determinative.
  3. deciding.

What does it mean when factor?

fac·​tor | \ ˈfak-tər \ Essential Meaning of factor. 1 : something that helps produce or influence a result : one of the things that cause something to happen There were several factors contributing to their recent decline. Poor planning was a major factor in the company’s failure.

Is Determinating a word?

Present participle of determinate.

Is determining a verb?

verb (used with object), de·ter·mined, de·ter·min·ing. to conclude or ascertain, as after reasoning, observation, etc. to settle or decide (a dispute, question, etc.) by an authoritative or conclusive decision.

How do you use factor in a sentence?

The injury to their key player could be a decisive factor in the game.

  1. His manner is a factor in his success.
  2. Man is a decisive factor in doing everything.
  3. The environmental argument was a deciding factor.
  4. Alcohol is a contributory factor in 10% of all road accidents.

What does factor affect mean?

1. countable noun. A factor is one of the things that affects an event, decision, or situation. Physical activity is an important factor in maintaining fitness. [ + in]

Is it determined or Determinated?

As adjectives the difference between determinated and determined. is that determinated is (nonstandard) determined while determined is decided; resolute, possessing much determination.

Where do we use determine?

Determine sentence example

  1. She couldn’t determine if she’d won this round or not.
  2. She would determine which case had the best chance of success.
  3. Computers can determine when to plant seed and even what to plant.
  4. I can determine that.
  5. Lana looked up at the bridge, trying to determine which way it was to shore.

What is determined with example?

The definition of determined is someone with their mind made up about something. An example of determined is a voter who goes into a voting booth knowing exactly who they’ll be voting for. Decided; resolute, possessing much determination. I’m determined to get a good grade in my exam.

What is a factor for kids?

A factor is a number that you multiply with another number to get a product. Think of a multiplication problem as factors being multiplied to find the product. For instance, 2 and 4 are factors of 8: A number can have just two factors or many, many factors.

What is another word for deciding factor?

Noun Phrase Your credit report data may be a determining factor in whether a landlord will give you that rental apartment.

  • Noun Phrase The type of accreditation a school has is the largest determining factor.
  • Noun Phrase
  • What are the factors influencing decision making?

    Decisions are typically made under one of three conditions −. Certainty. Risk and. Uncertainty. These conditions are based on the amount of knowledge the decision maker has regarding the final outcome of the decision. The manager’s decision depends on a number of factors, like the manager’s knowledge, experience, understanding and intuition.

    What are the factors affecting decision making?

    The market in which the organisation operates

  • The economy
  • Government legislation
  • Customers’ reaction to the organisation’s products and services
  • What are determining factors?

    Determining factors. Long-term effects expressed in mean seasonal regimes and short-term effects expressed in individual peak flows are alike affected by soil-moisture conditions, groundwater balance, and channel storage. Channeled surface flow begins when overland flow becomes deep enough to be erosive; and depth of overland flow represents a balance between short-term precipitation and soil

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