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What is a fire tone out?

What is a fire tone out?

From The RadioReference Wiki Fire-Tone Out Operation allows the scanner to operate in a standby mode and respond to fire tone-outs, a system comprised of standardized two-tone sequential paging, short one-tone paging, and long group tone paging. You can save up to 10 settings.

What do the tones mean at a fire station?

Each station or unit is assigned a specific set of “tones” or beeps of different pitch. Their pager can remain silent until their particular tones is transmitted, and that opens up their pager to allow voice to come through.

What does tone out mean?

transitive verb. : to become unresponsive to : ignore. intransitive verb. : to dissociate oneself from what is happening or one’s surroundings.

What is scanner tone?

The “tone” is a CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) that when used will only allow that specific transmission to open the squelch on a receiver. For purposes of scanner listeners, that means that any transmission with no tone or a different tone will not be heard.

How many fire stations are there in California?

802 fire stations
The Best Personnel and Equipment – CAL FIRE covers the state with 21 opera- tional units, 802 fire stations (234 state and 568 local government), 42 conserva- tion camps (including fire centers), 12 air attack, and 10 helitack bases.

What are radio tones?

In the amateur-radio community, CTCSS encode is often referred to as “tone” in radio programming, while CTCSS decode is referred to as ”tone squelch.” In commercial radio programming, this same concept is referred to simply as PL, QT, CG (depending on the manufacturer) transmit and receive.

What fire station gets the most calls?

LAFD Station 9
LAFD Station 9: Meet the Busiest Fire Station in the US. Enjoy access to five videos from Spectrum News 1.

Are fire tones simulcast on the 800MHz system?

For this reason, the fire tones we use on our VHF and UHF systems to trigger station alerting and fire pagers are not simulcasted on the 800MHz system. We have selected a standard tone that will be used on the 800MHz system as a “pre-alert” to any fire or EMS dispatch.

What tone was used for the engine/station?

The tone that was used for the engine/station was the tone for Station 22. The tone that was used for the Squad is the tone for Station 50 (which at the time was the tone assigned to Station 32).

How has LA County Fire improved response times and operations?

Learn how LA County Fire improved their response times and operations. The IQ FSAS is a fully automated, digital fire alerting system capable of interpreting and converting CAD dispatch data into Fire Station actions such as alert tones, lights, message displays, dispatch voice, etc. Below is a list of key features.

What additional sound do fire departments want from 800MHz?

Fire departments requested that we provide, when possible, an additional sound that would tell the fire department personnel listening to 800MHz whether the call was for an EMS company, a fire company or an “all-call” general alarm. For an EMS company, we can add two beeps following the standard tone.

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