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What is a FleetMaster?

What is a FleetMaster?

FleetMaster is a cloud-based fleet management solution for businesses that handle short- and long-term vehicle rental and lease as well as truck rental. FleetMaster is able to provide financial overviews of each vehicle at any time by keeping track of financing information, insurance records, costs and claim files.

Who made the FleetMaster?


Chevrolet Fleetmaster
1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
Manufacturer Chevrolet (General Motors)
Model years 1946–1948

How much does a 1948 Chevy Fleetline weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Body / Chassis : Steel unibody
Production Years for Series : 1941 – 1952
Price : $1,400-$1,502
Weight : 3155 lbs | 1431.084 kg

How long is a Chevy Fleetline?

Chevrolet Fleetline
Wheelbase 115 in (2,921 mm)
Length 197 in (5,004 mm)
Width 74 in (1,880 mm)

What is the wheelbase of a 1949 Chevrolet?


Doors : 2
Wheelbase : 116.0 in | 2946 mm.
Front Track : 57.0 in | 1448 mm.
Rear Track : 58.8 in | 1492 mm.

How much does a 1949 Chevy weigh?

Model Number Body/Style Number Shipping Weight
3104 3,185 lbs
3105 3,425 lbs
3107 3,385 lbs
3116 3,710 lbs

What engine came in a 1949 Chevy truck?

There were no engine options in 1949. The standard engine was a 216-cubic-inch engine with a three-speed manual transmission. There were two cab models, the standard three-window cab and the optional five-window cab.

What is the wheelbase of a 1953 Chevy pickup?

Chevrolet Advance Design

Chevrolet Advance-Design Series
Wheelbase 116 in (2,946 mm) 125.25 in (3,181 mm) 137 in (3,480 mm)
Length 3100: 196.6 in (4,990 mm) (1947–1952); 191.3 in (4,860 mm) (1953–1955)
Curb weight 4,598–7,985 lb (2,086–3,622 kg)

How much does a 1948 Chevy pickup weigh?

1948 Chevrolet Pickup Production Numbers

Model Number Body/Style Number Shipping Weight
3104 3,215 lbs
3105 3,425 lbs
3107 3,415 lbs
3116 3,515 lbs

What kind of car is a 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster?

The fleetmasters were only built for three years, being replaced in 1949 by the chevrolet deluxe with styleline and fleetline sub-series. That makes this 1948 chevy fleetmaster, built at the end of a short run, a unique and highly collectible car. So many of these cars are chopped and dropped and turned into hardcore hot rods.

What’s inside a 1948 Stylemaster 4 door?

Pie cut hood, moulded and widened rear fenders, Camero clip, 350 Oldsmobile engine, 350 Olds turbo transmission, Olds rear end 2.42 r… Read More Im selling my 4 door 1948 Stylemaster. It comes with: new accessories brand new white wall tires for all 4 tires new visors turns on and runs well registration up to date 2020 – Dam… Read More

How many miles does a Fleetmaster convertible last?

This Fleetmaster convertible for sale is a real beauty, with just over 4,500 miles since the rebuild. Powering this 48 Chevy for sale is a bad to the bone 502

What is the motor size of a 1940 Chevy Stylemaster?

1940 Chevy Stylemaster The Motor is a 383 cu in. With a high lift cam 10 to 1 pistons. Dyno at 510 HP. Power steering, windows, doors, trunk, Raido antenna. 59 Impala steering wheel.

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