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What is a Lange 1?

What is a Lange 1?

The Lange 1 is an expression of what the brand does best: manufacturing a dial layout that is less than traditional, but with a tension in its design that suggests it is the product of decades of refinement. A masterful balance of introducing new ideas while using a level of refinement that implies rich history.

What is the history of the Lange 1 large date complication?

In fact, it dates back to 1841, when Ferdinand A. Lange completed an innovative digital five-minute clock for the Semper Opera House in Dresden. It was this historic clock that served as the inspiration for the Lange 1’s distinctive large date complication. The watch recently underwent an upgrade, and here’s what we think.

What is Lange 1 time zone?

The LANGE 1 TIME ZONE is designed for people who work and communicate in a globally connected world. It shows home time and the time in a second zone at a single glance. Each of the 24 time zones is represented by a city name on the city ring.

What is an outsize date on a Lange watch?

Its asymmetric dial and the outsize date are characteristic features. The zone correction button at 8 o’clock allows the city ring, the zone time, and its day/night indicator to be advanced collectively. The Lange outsize date displays the date about three times larger than watches with comparable dimensions.

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