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What is a Miller?

What is a Miller?

(Entry 1 of 8) 1 : one that operates a mill specifically : one that grinds grain into flour. 2 : any of various moths having powdery wings.

What is the main frame story of The Canterbury Tales quizlet?

a story that contains other stories / a group of people with varied backgrounds and jobs and beliefs joined in a common quest: a pilgrimage from London to the Shrine of St Thomas a Becket in Canterbury (that’s the frame story). During their pilgrimage, the travelers tell each other stories (the tales).

How do you write a frame story?

Some of the tips for writing a frame story I’ve picked up along my journey are:

  1. Firm up the themes.
  2. Find ways to fuse the frame and the inner stories together.
  3. Form a plan for keeping voices distinct.
  4. Plot all the timelines.
  5. Pull it all apart.
  6. Read some narrative frame stories.

How does the Miller’s Tale reflect the Miller?

The Miller’s tale reflects the Miller’s negative character as two unchivalrous men fight for the love of a woman who is already married to an outside man–John. They do not try to win her through bravery or honorable battle; instead they sneak and plot their way into her life.

Why does the Reeve object to the Miller’s proposed tale?

“The Reeve’s Tale” is an attempt by the Reeve to “quite,” or answer, “The Miller’s Tale.” The Reeve is angry because the Miller has just told a story in which a carpenter is humiliated by his wife and her lover.

How do the pilgrims decide who tells the first story?

The other pilgrims agree that Harry Bailly should judge who tells the best tale. In order to decide who will tell the first story, Harry Bailly asks the Knight, the Clerk and the Prioress to draw straws. The Knight draws the shortest straw. Consequently, “The Knight’s Tale” is the first of The Canterbury Tales.

Why did the old woman promise him both beauty and fidelity?

Why did the old woman promise him both beauty and fidelity? By giving her the choice, he allowed her mastery over him, her husband. She thinks it is the best way for a woman to protect herself.

What movies TV shows or other books can you think of that use a frame narrative?

Classic films with framing devices include The Princess Bride (told by Peter Falk to Fred Savage, with the narrative reversing and changing course when the two characters disagree on the tale’s direction), and The Neverending Story (a book within a movie, the twist being that the main character “enters” the book).

Who tells the last tale in Canterbury Tales?

As the party nears Canterbury, the Host demands a story from the Manciple, who tells of a white crow that can sing and talk. Finally, the Host turns to the last of the group, the Parson, and bids him to tell his tale. The Parson agrees and proceeds with a sermon. The Tales end with Chaucer’s retraction.

What is the Miller tale satirizing?

In the tale we find satire directed against John and Absolon. The ridiculing of John is found in the account of his deception by Nicholas, as well as in the Miller’s presentation of his folly in marrying so young a wife, and, worse, by his jealousy provoking the very cuckolding he has been so desperate to prevent.

What is the shortest Canterbury Tale?

The Physician’s Tale is one of the shortest of ‘The Canterbury Tales,’ but it reveals a great deal about the importance of honor and virginity during the Middle Ages. In this lesson, we’ll learn about the Physician and summarize his tale.

Which Canterbury Tale is the best?

The Best Canterbury Tales Everyone Should Read

  • The Miller’s Tale.
  • The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.
  • The Knight’s Tale.
  • The Merchant’s Tale.
  • The Reeve’s Tale.
  • The Wife of Bath’s Tale.
  • The Friar’s Tale.
  • The Tale of Sir Thopas.

How does Chaucer view the Miller?

Chaucer clearly paints the miller with many negative characteristics: he steals grain from his customers and overcharges them, he interrupts others to tell his tale which the narrator presents as inappropriate and offensive, and Chaucer’s description in the general prologue paints him as gross and brutish.

Who told the Miller’s tale?

churlish Miller

What type of story is the Miller’s tale?

“The Miller’s Tale” is also about a love triangle, but it’s far from highbrow. Instead, “The Miller’s Tale” comes from the genre called fabliau. Fabliaux were bawdy stories, usually dealing with adulterous liaisons.

What is the frame story in Canterbury Tales?

Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is a frame narrative, a tale in which a larger story contains, or frames, many other stories. In frame narratives, the frame story functions primarily to create a reason for someone to tell the other stories; the frame story doesn’t usually have much plot of its own.

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