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What is a venturi tube?

What is a venturi tube?

The Venturi tube or venturimeter is an instrument for measuring with accuracy the flow rate of fluids in pipes. A typical arrangement of a section through such a device is shown in Figure 49.3, and consists of a short converging conical tube called the inlet or upstream cone leading to a cylindrical portion called the throat.

Who are Rokit Venturi?

The first team to commit to the Formula E World Championship, Venturi now competes in the category under the name ROKiT Venturi Racing. With its drivers Edoardo Mortara et Norman Nato, the team is pitted against the world’s biggest constructors.

What is the C value of a venturi meter?

These smaller venturi meters have a C value of 0.995 for Reynolds number greater than 2 × 10 5. There are a number of forms of differential pressure devices based on the above equation and involving constant size constrictions, e.g. the venturi tube, nozzles, Dall tube and orifice plate.

What are the advantages of a venturi?

This has the advantage of giving a true mean value of pressure at the measuring section. The venturi is used for applications in which there is a high solids content or high pressure recovery is desirable. The venturi is inherently a low head-loss device and can result in an appreciable saving of energy.

A Venturi tube is a device used to measure the speed of a fluid. It can also be said to be a device used to measure the pressure difference of a fluid.

What is the function of Venturi tube in EMCO?

EMCO classical venturi tubes are used as primary elements in flow measurement of steam, liquid and gas according to the differential pressure principle. Weld ends according to DIN 2559 or ANSI B16.25.

What is a venturi flow meter?

The Venturi flow meter is a combination of a Venturi tube, a differential pressure transmitter, and a valve block. It is often used to measure the flow of pressure pipes. Venturi flow meters are often used to measure the flow of fluids such as air, natural gas, coal gas, and water.

What is a a ring Venturi?

A ring consists of several openings in the inner wall of the tube in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the venturi. The holes are interconnected to provide an average pressure. There are several proprietary primary head-type devices which have a higher ratio of pressure developed to pressure loss than the venturi tube.

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