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What is an edge banding machine?

What is an edge banding machine?

Edge bander is a kind of woodworking machinery and an important processing flow of furniture production line. It is used to repair excess edge banding material above and below the edge band of the plate. The finishing knife is an R-shaped knife. It is mainly used for PVC and acrylic edge banding for panel furniture.

Who invented edge banding?

Rapid Development

Hornberger Maschinenbau oHG is founded by Eugen Hornberger and Gerhard Schuler 1960
The world’s first edge banding machine based on the hot-cold process is developed 1962
Double-sided edge banding machines are developed 1965
The first combined dimensioning and edge banding machine is developed 1967

Which is the best edge banding machine in India?

MechTek Industries Private Limited

  • SCM Edge Banding Machine.
  • 4600 Automatic Edge Banding Machine Wooden Strip.
  • Rapid Edge 665JS Automatic Banding Machine.
  • Siddhtech Industry Automatic Edge Banding Machine.
  • Automatic Edge Banding Machine, Model Name/Number: MD60-6AB, 15.44 Kw (20 Hp)
  • F4 Automatic Edge Banding Machine.

Is edge banding Stainable?

Veneer edge banding can be stained and finished with any conventional wood finishing products including lacquer, danish oil, and oil based stain and polyurethane. Be sure to unplug the clothes iron when you have finished the edge banding process.

Is edge banding durable?

Edge banding is very durable and will last a long time if it is applied correctly. Edge banding is sold in pre-glued, glue-less and even peel and stick rolls! If you run into issues with the edge banding, you can always remove it and reapply new edge banding.

What is edge lipping?

Lipping (or edge banding) is used to cover the cut edge of veneered materials such as MDF and plywood. Lippings are commonly used on doors, worktops, cabinets and tables. They are generally glued on, although some lippings are supplied with a pre-applied thermo-setting glue that allows them to be ironed on.

What is edge banding and when should you use it?

Plan Which Edges to Cover Ahead of Time. When planning out your project,you’ll want to apply edge banding before you start assembly.

  • Sand Plywood and Apply Edge Banding. Before applying the edge banding,give the edge to be finished a good sanding.
  • Trim Away Excess. When the edge banding has cooled,trim the ends with a utility knife.
  • Sand the Corners.
  • How to make simple plywood edge banding?


  • Cordless Drill
  • Block Plane
  • Random Orbital Sander
  • Some weights
  • Edge Band Clamps would work great,but you can get by without.
  • How to repair veneer edge banding?

    – Trim the Veneer. Using scissors, trim the veneer strip to a length about 1 inch longer than the board’s edge. – Position the Veneer. Place the end of the veneer onto the board, leaving a slight overhang. – Press the End in Place. – Finish Adhering the Veneer. – Press the Glue in Place. – Trim the End. – Trim the Edges. – Sand the Edges.

    How do product Banding machines work?

    Increases productivity

  • Offers custom automated system options
  • Eliminates repetitive motion injuries
  • Provides allergen and latex free options for medical products
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