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What is an EMDP?

What is an EMDP?

Our Extended Medical Degree course MBBS (EMDP) is specifically designed for students who are studying A-levels or Access to Medicine at a non- selective state school or who are participants of Realising Opportunities across England.

What are the entry requirements for the EMDP at King’s College?

Who is the EMDP for? The minimum entrance requirements for the EMDP are usually 3 A-levels achieved over two years. These must include Chemistry, Biology and one other A-level in any subject (except Critical Thinking and General Studies).

Why do you want to be a part of K+?

These include: being the first person in your family to apply, the school you attend, your ethnicity and where you live. The aim of K+ is to make sure that students at top universities, like King’s, reflect all members of our society, and that students’ circumstances don’t stop them from succeeding.

What is the K+ Programme?

K+ is a two-year programme run by King’s College London, which works with students between the ages of 16-18. The two-year scheme includes everything from a current King’s student as your mentor, to careers advice and work experience opportunities, a summer school and support applying for university.

Can you get into medicine with an Access course?

Access courses provide a route into medicine for mature learners who do not possess the usual formal qualifications, such as A Level Biology and Chemistry, or equivalent. Medical schools recognise the important role Access courses play in widening participation in medicine.

Can you do a foundation year for medicine?

There are two main types of Foundation Courses: Medicine with a Foundation Year: A 6-year course that normally begins with one year of science-based teaching, after which you can join the standard 5-year medical programme.

What is K+ Kings College?

K+ is a two-year widening participation programme run by King’s College London. It is designed for year 12 and 13 students in London and some parts of Essex who have the potential to go to the best universities in the country but need support to get there.

What is widening participation background?

It consists of an attempt to increase not only the numbers of young people entering higher education, but also the proportion from under-represented groups (those from lower income families, people with disabilities and some ethnic minorities).

Can you become a doctor at 40?

There is no age limit for medical school. You can become a doctor in your 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s. In the end, medical schools want students who will make good physicians.

Are foundation years cheaper?

Of course, taking an extra year to come up to the level for starting a degree means you have to pay for another year at university – but some foundation years are cheaper than undergraduate degrees.

What is the EMDP?

King’s College London – What is the EMDP? What is the EMDP? Since 2001, King’s College London has offered a six-year Extended Medical Degree Programme (EMDP).

Does EMDP know if you applied to A100 or EMDP?

The EMDP has its own admissions department and so does A100 so they wouldnt know if you applied to either. You will be judged accordingly.? You’ll earn badges for being active around the site.

When will I receive a decision on my EMDP application?

A large number of applications are received for EMDP and although we recognise that this is an anxious time for you, all applications are carefully considered and therefore you should not expect a decision post-interview until the cycle has completed in May.

Does EMDP take into account UKCAT grades?

With the ucat this year it seems everyone has been receiving lower scores from what Ive heard. EMDP does take into account your grades and ukcat but not as harshly as A100 would. Im not sure though give it a shot if you can? You’ll earn badges for being active around the site. Rep gems come when your posts are rated by other community members.

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