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What is ANFIS?

What is ANFIS?

What is ANFIS? • There is a class of adaptive networks that are functionally equivalent to fuzzy inference systems. • The architecture of these networks is referred to as ANFIS hi h t d fANFIS, which stands for adti t kdaptive network- based fuzzy inference systemor semantically equivalently, adaptive neuro-fuzzy inferencefuzzy inference system.

How to write the output of ANFIS in symbols?

• In Symbols, the output fcan be written as • which is linear in the consequent parameters p 1, q 1, r 1, p 2, q 2, and r 2. Hyyggbrid Learning Algorithm • Goal: Calculating premise parametersand consequent parameters of ANFIS. • Hybrid learning algorithm consist of two passes: ▫FdPForward Pass ▫Backward Pass • Forward Pass:Forward Pass:

Is ANFIS a universal approximator?

ANFIS as a Universal Approximator • When the number of rules is not restricted, a zero-order Sugenomodel has unlimited approximation power for matching any nonlinear function arbitrarily well on a compact set. • This fact is intuitively reasonable.

How many training samples are in the ANFIS training data?

The ANFIS training data includes 101 training samples. They are represented by a 101 3 matrix [x 1x 2y d], where x 1and x 2are input vectors, and y

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