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What is Avamar client?

What is Avamar client?

Avamar is a deduplication backup and recovery software/hardware system with a client-side global deduplication technology. Enabling you to delete redundant backup data on a client before storing data.

What are the three key features of an Avamar system?

Key Features: Simple, one-step recovery. Intuitive centralized management and encryption for data security. Integration with EMC Data Domain systems for enhanced scalability.

What is raid in Avamar?

The Avamar system provides up to four levels of systematic fault tolerance: RAID, RAIN, replication, and checkpoints. Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID). All standard Avamar server node configurations use RAID to protect the system from disk failures.

What encryption does Avamar use?

FIPS140-2 encrypted
Avamar backups can be quickly recovered in just one step—eliminating the hassle of restoring full and subsequent incremental backups to reach the desired recovery point. The backup data is FIPS140-2 encrypted while in transit and at rest for added security.

What is replication in Avamar?

Replication using Avamar The Avamar management feature set includes replication between primary and secondary Data Domain systems. The replication policy that is applied to each dataset in the Avamar Administrator controls the replication. Extension of data retention times.

How do I start GSAN in Avamar?


  1. Login the Avamar server as ‘admin’ user.
  2. Load the admin ssh keys: # ssh-agent bash # ssh-add ~admin/.ssh/admin_key.
  3. Verify the storage nodes are up and can be reached by the utility node: # mapall uptime.
  4. Verify the spare node has properly started up: # ssh —x [email protected]_IP ‘uptime’

What is a GSAN?

Definition. GSAN. Geospatial Analyst. GSAN. Global Storage Area Network (Avamar data server)

Is Avamar end of life?

Avamar Extended Retention (AER), is End Of Support Life (EOSL) since December 2018 and extended support is no longer available.

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