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What is Bohr Sommerfeld model of an atom?

What is Bohr Sommerfeld model of an atom?

The Bohr-Sommerfeld model is an extension of the Bohr model. It explains the distribution of electrons within the shells. The weaknesses of the Bohr model could be partially eliminated by the physicist Arnold Sommerfeld. The distribution of electrons in an atom is referred to as electron configuration.

How did Sommerfeld modified Bohr’s atomic theory?

German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld modified Bohr’s theory by quantizing the shapes and orientations of orbits to introduce additional energy levels corresponding to the fine spectral lines.

What was corrected in Sommerfeld?

Stoner incorporated the Sommerfeld’s corrections to the electron configuration rules, and thus, incorporating the third quantum number into the description of electron shells, and this correctly predicted the shell structure of sulfur to be the now celebrated sulfur shell structure (2,8,6).

What was proposed by Sommerfeld in 1928?

He introduced the second quantum number (azimuthal quantum number) and the third quantum number (magnetic quantum number). He also introduced the fine-structure constant and pioneered X-ray wave theory….

Arnold Sommerfeld
Alma mater University of Königsberg

What is K in Sommerfeld theory?

The Sommerfeld model provides a good description of free electrons in alkali metals such as potassium (element K), which has a Fermi energy of ε F = 2.12 eV (data from Ashcroft, N. W. and Mermin, N. D., Solid State Physics, Saunders, 1976.).

Why did Sommerfeld introduce elliptical orbits?

Thus the introduction of elliptical orbits gives no new energy levels and hence no new transition. In this way, the attempt of Sommerfeld to explain the fine structure of spectral lines failed. Based on this idea, Sommerfeld successfully explained the fine structure of spectral lines of hydrogen atom.

Who proposed vector model?

proposed known as Vector Atom Model was proposed by Bohr, Sommerfeld, Uhelenbeck, Goudsmith, Pauli, Stern and Gerlach. The interaction between two magnetic moments explains the fine structure of spectral lines.

What did Sommerfeld do?

Lived 1868 – 1951. Arnold Sommerfeld is one of the pioneers of quantum and atomic physics. He is known for introducing the azimuthal quantum number (2nd quantum number) and the spin quantum number (4th quantum number). He also pioneered the X-ray wave theory and introduced the fine-structure consonant.

What does the Drude model explain?

The Drude model attempts to explain the resistivity of a conductor in terms of the scattering of electrons (the carriers of electricity) by the relatively immobile ions in the metal that act like obstructions to the flow of electrons.

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